Day 223 – Back in the Saddle Again

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I had to take a few days off and recover from the backup disaster, but I stayed on GAPS. Did you ever hear someone refer to a comfort food as steak and asparagus? I haven't. Typically comfort foods consist of carbohydrates. And usually when people who are dieting go through a rough patch in their lives they will go back to those comfort foods and binge.

Yay, I felt no compulsion to do any such thing. Because although GAPS is a “diet” I'm not dieting to be dieting. I'm doing this for my health and well being!

At work one of our clients turned 70, and his brother brought in a huge full sheet cake and they were pushing huge pieces on everyone. Then they broke out the ice cream sandwiches and everyone got two of those, and we had enough left over for dessert for lunch one day next week. I stayed in the kitchen while the cake pushing was going on, and then the brother caught sight of the three of us in the kitchen and brought in three pieces, loudly exclaiming that the kitchen people need cake! I gave my piece to my coworker who has a little girl. A few minutes later, here comes the guy with our ice cream sandwiches! This time I took the item from him, thanked him profusely and ask soon as he turned his back I handed it over to my coworker again.

It looked good, but it was not tempting. Especially when I know I can make delicious baked goods using almond flour [affiliate link] which are perfectly legal and made using healthy ingredients.

Many people are convinced that self esteem is attached to body size. I do not agree with this. I have one coworker who usually brings that up whenever I mention how I'm feeling better. I have not found a way to graciously point out to her that it's not my self esteem, it's that I'm feeling better.

I realized on Thursday that I have been feeling poorly since I had pneumonia in 2002. I have been at my job for ten years, the first full year I volunteered. When I had the pneumonia, I was out of work for one solid month, flat on my back most of that month. I was so ill I could not even sit at my computer.

And now, I'm feeling so much better that I'm beginning to resent the time I have to spend at the computer.

On Thursday, I stopped at a Saver's to look specifically for two items: a toolbox and a lamp shade. I found the lamp shade, but not the toolbox. While I was there, I started looking around for something to wear to our annual dance at work. The theme is jungle, like tigers and big cats. I found a really neat vest which has big cats all over it.

I also decided to try on a smaller sized pair of jeans, since my 16s are now becoming quite baggy.

I am able to squeeze into “relaxed” size 14 jeans now. This is pretty exciting, I have to admit. Will I be in size 12 jeans by the end of the year? Or will my weight loss stall out? Will I start gaining again?

I'm curious to see what my weight loss will be on August 1.

I have not been working out on my Total Gym. I have been more tired than usual. Also my husband had to leave one morning earlier than he normally does, so I had to get up at 2:45.

I've actually been having a bit of a problem with constipation so I am re-reading the pertinent chapters in Fiber Menace. One thing that caught my attention made me remember that I have not been getting any fermented foods in the past week. Apparently fermented foods contain bacteria which help to bulk up the stool (which usually fiber does that, but on a low fiber the stool is much smaller). I have been drinking my water kefir, and came up with two amazingly delicious flavor combinations, but apparently water kefir doesn't provide enough bacteria.

Last night I got nine great hours of sleep. The hot flashes didn't get to me all night long like they have been. One of the list members gave me a list of things she takes for hot flashes, and I should look over the list – I could probably at least try the Vitamin E.

Well, sorry I was missing in action, but I just had to take a break.

I am feeling much better about everything, even though I have to recreate six weeks of data. I think I bounced back much faster from this than I would prior to being on GAPS.

So how has your GAPS journey been going?

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2 thoughts on “Day 223 – Back in the Saddle Again

  1. Way to stay in the game, Starlene! You are awesome! I have a family reunion to get through tomorrow with LOTS and LOTS of illegal food and LOTS and LOTS of desserts. UGH.
    Hey- could you post (or send me) those water kefir recipes? I’m new to water kefiring and I’ve not had success. My grains are growing but everything comes out really alcoholic- either like beer or champagne. I like alcohol but I don’t think I should be drinking it while I’m trying to heal! haha I’m just about to give up on the water kefir as I’m frustrated, but everyone says how good it is…
    What are the combinations you like and how long do you ferment?

  2. Hi Tara Marie – hey when I change out my kefir grains, I’ll let you know exactly what my ratios are.

    Do you have any strategy to withstand the onslaught? Or do you think you might go ahead and allow yourself to cheat?

    The hardest thing I find is how everyone is so pushy about eat this, eat that.

    I mean, they just keep asking and asking, and I want to please everyone, so I feel weird.

    A couple of things I want to suggest if you are going to remain strong.

    Bring food with you, that you can eat! If you have to bring a cooler with stuff, do that. If you have time, bring some extra special foods for yourself.

    You could also bring a larger portion, if it’s a potluck style thing. I know your time is probably short for these suggestions, but maybe next time.

    If you think you might cheat, try to be realistic about it. I mean, if you dive in head first and eat everything in site, realize you may be in some kind of serious pain in the next few days, your energy level will likely be low and you’re going to need some time to recuperate. Telling myself this has been helpful because I hate being sick!

    One day at work we got in these leftover trays from an event and I thought “Grilled veggies” I can have those! Well, turns out they cooked them with canola oil and I had diarrhea within a couple of hours. That never used to happen to me, before GAPS I could eat anything and everything with no consequence. That’s not good (being able to eat anything and everything, even plastic foods) – I want my body to move the bad stuff through quickly!

    So that’s my two strategies to succeed: Bring food, special goodies if you can (even if they are GAPS cheats for you), and remind yourself you may get real sick if you indulge.

    As for how to deal with everyone begging you to eat… maybe the “doctor prescribed” diet idea?

    You’ll have to let me know how it goes.

    Remember you’re an adult, you’re in charge of your body and you can abstain or cheat if you want, and what you decide is okay!

    Thanks for being so good to me, Tara Marie! 🙂


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