Day 216 – Hot Flashes Burning Me Up

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They're back! I started having hot flashes last fall. They only lasted for a few weeks, maybe a month. A couple of weeks ago they started again. They have been especially troublesome at night. I bought new cotton sheets, actually they were only 50% cotton but they feel great so I guess they are okay.

Yesterday I stopped at Walmart to pick out a couple of new bras. I've been wearing the same one for over a year now and it was getting very worn looking and also I thought maybe I might need a smaller bra. I also learned again, how to size a bra properly. I always remember the part about measuring around the rib cage and then the fullest part of the bust to find the cup size, but I always think the measurement around the rib cage is the size of the bra. Not so… here is a site that tells how to do it: Everything You Need to Know About Bra Fitting.

I am down on size, but the cup size is the same. That's interesting to me, as I think that women usually lose cup size when they lose weight. I wonder if I will lose cup size as I lose weight. It will be interesting to see how that goes.

As I stood there in the dressing room, I noticed that my pants are become baggy. These are size 16. I don't know if I could fit into 14's yet. I am going to wait until I tighten my belt one more notch. That's a good way to tell if a person is losing weight is how their belt fits. I wear a belt with my jeans for work, but on my days at home I wear shorts with elastic.

I had a good productive morning today. I did most of the chores I did last Saturday, plus I started on the task I've chosen to tackle this weekend, which is to clear all clutter from the counters and also to clean the dining room table which everyone stacks with stuff until it's a foot high.

I did not do my little workout today or yesterday and I blame my husband. He keeps putting his tools on the bench and there is really nowhere to put them and there are several and they are a little bit heavy. It's obvious I'm still susceptible to little things getting in my way.

Speaking of my husband, he installed two new air vents, one in the dining room, and a second vent in our bedroom today. It is going to be cold in our bedroom tonight! Hopefully that will help to prevent the hot flashes as getting too hot in the night seems to trigger them.

I am really feeling like I have a lot more energy. It's so weird. I am looking forward to getting off work so I can stop by a store and do a little shopping. I mean, for years it's been, “Get done and go straight home and agh, I have to stop for gasoline, nooooo!!!” I'm not going on big shopping sprees, but like I mentioned earlier, my bra is just worn out and grungy looking and I was curious to see if the next smaller size would fit. And I hate clothes shopping, normally! But I was okay to take the bras and try them on. It's amazing what having more energy can do for a person!

A little update on my mom. She is really wanting to do GAPS and is moving more close to full GAPS. She is planning to let go of the buckwheat pancake that she has every day. She has also been adding a teaspoon of olive oil to her meals and thank God, she didn't gain weight last week adding that little bit of olive oil. If she had, she would have been inclined to stop having the olive oil. If she gains one pound it makes her nervous.

I don't think I could stand weighing myself every week. I'm glad it's only once a month.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I'm tired, it's almost 9pm. I still need to take a shower. And I need to tidy up the kitchen. Imagine that! Thank God I found GAPS. I am so thankful to be a happier person. I still remember how I felt so blah about life.

I'm curious what the next few months will bring. I also wonder how much better I'd be doing if I were eating organic meats and vegetables. If I have done this much healing and had this much improvement on “regular” food, who knows how much better I'd feel? I have heard of people healing while eating “regular” foods, while some do not see much or any improvement until they are on totally organic foods.

I sometimes feel bad that we are not eating organic. Like I'm cheating somehow. And I got a new book, it is called Primal Body-Primal Mind: Empower Your Total Health The Way Evolution Intended (…And Didn't) and I am just so curious because on the back of the book it says you can save thousands on your grocery bill, but there doesn't seem to be a chapter to answer this question. I have not read the book completely through so maybe I'll find it.

But I don't find GAPS to be inexpensive and we are not even buying organic! My husband buys as much as he can on sale, I don't know if we ever buy meat at the regular price. We do buy vegetables that aren't on sale. But we are spending more money on groceries than we did before when we could buy cheap pasta and the filler carbs, you know?

Okay, this has been another disjointed update. I had better get off this computer.

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