Day 212 – Eating Watermelon

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I am probably going to be sorry tonight. We'll see if the watermelon affects me like the butternut squash and carrots have done. Usually when I have carbohydrates in the evening it causes me to wake up with insomnia around 1:30 in the morning.

I just couldn't help myself. My son bought a watermelon and it just looked so delicious. So ice cold, crunchy and juicy, I had a nice thick slice. It is legal on GAPS to have melon, but I want to avoid carbohydrates in the evening as they seem to affect my sleep during the night.

Also yesterday I made the GAPS-illegal cake for Independence Day.

My sinuses have been bothering me. Ever since last week after having kefir and then raw goat's milk cream. It seems like every day my sinuses are clogged and it is hard to breathe.

I have been doing a very brief workout on my Total Gym each day. I don't know how tomorrow will go as I have to get up early and go to work.

I took a late nap today, and already feel tired.

It is the fifth of July and I need to stop the cheating already. Here are my goals for the month of July:

  • Limit fruit to a small portion on Sunday. For example, less than 10 cherries, grapes, one half banana, one half apple.
  • Workout on my Total Gym Friday through Monday (shoot for a workout on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but no stress if I don't get to it, they are less than five minutes at this point, after all)
  • Limit nuts to less than 1/2 cup week (I often use nuts as a quick snack for on the way home from work so I don't get starving hungry)
  • Concentrate on eating mostly meat, vegetables and broth
  • Limit baked goods (almond flour [affiliate link]) to one weekend day
  • Avoid vegetables high in starch
  • Drink more broth
  • Take my cod liver oil
  • Eat raw liver shots

Last night I had planned to go see the fireworks but I took one look at my husband around 6pm and he looked exhausted. When I saw how tired he looked, I asked him if he was too tired to go and he said what was so hard about driving someplace and sitting for a while listening to me going “ooh” and “ahh” and then driving back home?

Well, the problem is that he goes to bed around 6:30 or 7pm each night (because he regularly gets up for work around 2:30am, sometimes leaving the house by 4am). Also, it is very warm in Arizona at this time of the year, and I was not looking forward to sitting in that heat watching the fireworks. My camera doesn't have fireworks settings, so I can't take awesome fireworks photos like I was able to do last year, so that was also holding me back.

I tried to take a nap in the middle of the day and usually can take a two hour nap easily, but only slept about an hour. The fireworks wouldn't have started until 9pm so we would not have gotten back home until around 11pm. I will probably make a point to go next year though.

I am having hot flashes throughout the day and night. Not too bad, but enough that I am feeling very uncomfortable. During the night I spray my arms and legs with my water bottle and then get back into bed and the fan blows on me.

I realized over the weekend that I need to water every single day in the morning on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and every single afternoon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This means the garden goes without being watered for 36 hours on Monday/Tuesday.

I hate having to water the garden on the days I work. It is so ungodly hot and uncomfortable out there.

I didn't get any extra work done this weekend. Well, actually I did clear out one book shelf where we have been storing canned goods, and replaced the canned goods with books. We don't have a pantry so there has been no place to store canned, jarred or dried goods, so we resorted to using the living room book shelves. When my husband replaced our air conditioner, he got rid of the split system so now I have an area which I want him to convert into a pantry where I can store kitchen items, like food and the Kitchen Aid mixer, and anything else that is big and bulky and needs a home.

I also tidied up my older son's room again, and vacuumed in there. I'll ponder this week on what I can do next weekend. Maybe the bathrooms. Agh.

This has been a very disjointed update. What can I say? It was probably the watermelon. 😉

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