Day 190 – Raw Liver Shots

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Today was a better day. A special thanks to Tara Marie for the uplifting and encouraging comment to yesterday's post. Last night I went to bed after I posted here and fell to sleep shortly after. I can't believe for spending so many hours in bed yesterday that I was tired enough to fall asleep and sleep soundly for the entire night, at 7:30 in the evening. I did wake a couple of times to potty but was back in bed asleep. By 4:30am, my back was complaining like it used to but that made sense since 9 hours is my new maximum (where it used to be a mere seven).

I have been up all day. I felt tired and thought about taking a nap, but I really wanted to get some things done, like paying bills and reconciling some checking accounts. I also tackled another section of my bedroom because I splurged and bought myself a comforter set. I have never bought new bedding in my entire life and I have been making our bed every day and keeping our room tidy and I wanted to have something nice to show for my hard work.

I think that's a good sign that I'm improving in my overall mental attitude because for so many years it's been, “Why bother, it's going to get ruined anyway because I can't take care of it properly.” Now it seems I feel like I have enough gumption to care for things. That could be a good thing!

I wanted to buy a set from Savers or Goodwill, but my husband said he really wished I would buy something new instead of second hand bedding. So this is what I bought: 7 Piece Queen Floral Jacquard Bed in a Bag Comforter Set.

Click here to see a photo of my new bedding. (By the way, that is not my bedroom, it is the photo from Amazon. I will take a photo of my bedroom once my order arrives. I sent my mom a text message by phone with a picture of the computer screen and she thought it was my bedroom. 😀 )

I looked for all the queen comforter sets on Amazon, starting with the lowest priced and opened a window for each one that caught my eye, and I also made sure it was machine washable (some of these are dry clean only!). Then I asked my hubby to take a look at what I had found and we both agreed this was the nicest of them all. It was $49.99 plus $13.95 shipping. I thought it was a pretty good price, even though I know I would have spent less at Savers or Goodwill.

Now enough of that.

As I said, I felt better today. Tired, but not as down in the dumps as yesterday and I didn't need to spend the day in bed.

I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that I took my first “raw liver shot”. Which is about one tablespoon of frozen raw liver, cut into cubes. Yesterday I took my liver out of the freezer (the grass fed liver that I found at a farmer's market on the last coop day), sliced it and chopped it into small pieces. I wondered how do people swallow it whole when it is frozen? Yesterday, it was partly thawed, so I swallowed the tablespoon in two separate portions.

On the second portion, I tossed the liver into my mouth and realized I didn't have much water in my glass, which ended up causing me to spit out the water and gag, but the liver went down. I hurriedly got another drink of water and that wasn't too bad.

I thought, I'll just put it all back into the container and freeze it and tomorrow (meaning today) it will be easy to chip out of few little cubes. Not so easy. But I did manage with a knife (being very very careful to not end up slicing off a finger or slicing myself) to chip out about a tablespoon for today's liver.

The liver went down much easier today.

I didn't really taste it in my mouth at all.

Compared to having to prepare liver, to have to touch it, look at all those ugly veins, remove them, the spongy bloody texture, having to remove the touch skin, then having to cook it and smell it, and finally taste it while eating it… swallowing it raw is 100 times better.

I wish I loved liver. I really do wish I loved liver.

I had an idea today of what I could do with my kefir that I make just to keep my grains growing (usually I give the kefir to the chickens). I do eat my kefir grains, about one tablespoon every other day when I change out the milk. I decided I was going to take a kefir bath. I decided I'm going to draw a bath of lukewarm water, then dump in the kefir (about two cups) and see if that has any effect on me. I wonder if it will be detoxifying?

I make my kefir with our goat's milk, which is naturally homogenized, so the cream (fat) does not separate from the milk (like cow's milk). I am also going to put another two cups of raw milk in my bath.

I'll let you know tomorrow what I thought about it.

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2 thoughts on “Day 190 – Raw Liver Shots

  1. Awwww… thanks for the special shout out :o) Glad to hear you’re spirits have improved a bit. Maybe the liver sort of pushed you over the edge? It’s such a healing food. You are brave. I tried swallowing frozen liver once and gave up after gagging a couple of times. That was a couple of months ago. I’m thinking of trying again since everyone’s been talking about it on the list. I’ve tried a few ways, but I’m with you- I really just can’t stand liver. Ugh.
    Ohh- a kefir bath sounds luxurious!!! Curious to hear how that goes…
    Beautiful bedding! Good for you for rewarding yourself. You’ve been working so hard. Sometimes we just need something nice and new. ;o)

  2. Tara Marie: I am behind on responding to my comments, but I read this the day you wrote it. I just now read it again… I wonder if the raw liver did have something to do with my difficult day. The kefir bath was awesome! I am collecting my kefir for another one. As you know by now, I returned the bedding and bought a different set from Ross. The one I ordered from Amazon was gorgeous in the photo but not so impressive once it arrived. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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