Day 161 – Handling Stress Better

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Thursday brought a few stressful situations where I think usually I'd feel a lot of anxiety and like I couldn't handle what was happening.

I had to ask my boss about how to list a series of journal entries. Usually I am really stressed out just at the thought of having to talk to her. I know she gets loud and acts gruff partly because she doesn't really know why things have to be done a certain way. I think she thinks by sheer loudness she can get the point across to me. Usually this stresses me out to no end. But on Thursday I was not affected by it at all.

Then my husband called me to tell me he was having car trouble and was stuck in the small town near where we live, with no way to get home. I asked him if he wanted me to come pick him up and I went and told my boss I had to leave for a couple hours (45 drive to where he was). Normally I would feel my stress level rise quite a bit at the prospect of the vehicle breaking down, having to leave work, and on and on.

But I handled it all very well. I attribute this calmness to GAPS.

I didn't sleep well last night. That is because we are rearranging the bedding in our home. My youngest is going to try sleeping on a twin bed, instead of clogging up his room with a full size bed. My husband and I have a queen bed in our room and a twin. This is so our DOG could sleep on the twin bed, but he always slept on the queen with me, so my husband was sleeping on the twin. Well, pooch hurt his leg so he doesn't want to climb up onto the bed and he's been sleeping on the floor. So we thought in order to make more room in our room, we would remove the twin bed and sleep together in the queen bed.

My box spring is directly on the floor and I have two queen mattresses one on top of the other. They tend to slide around so my hubby spent the night feeling like he was going to roll off the bed since the mattress had shifted. So tonight before he retired for the night we got the mattress in place correctly. Since he felt like he was about to roll off the bed, he slept near the middle, which left me about twelve inches to sleep on and I wasn't very comfortable. So neither of us got a good night's sleep.

I talked with our accountant today and that was kind of stressful, but I was okay and didn't have to take Kava-Kava like I usually do.

I had green beans for breakfast, I cannot recall lunch. For dinner I made carne asade burritos, although I did not have tortillas with mine. In fact, I ate my carne asade raw. I was cutting it into little squares to saute in lard and I love raw meat beef. It has been frozen for three months, but it was not grass fed. I hope I don't end up with e-coli! I rendered some of the fat from the meat, and cooked the beef cubes in the rendered fat.

I also had avocado mashed. I made my husband burritos with the cooked carne asade meat, with avocado and a mixture of cilantro, tomato and onion.

My son found he'd brought home some celtic salt, so I got to try it last night. It is the exact brand I ordered in my Azure Standard order. It is delicious.

Did I tell you I ordered six heads of organic cabbage? I'm going to make several cabbage foods next weekend:  Cortido, Sauerkraut, and I'm going to try rejuvelac also. Everyone keeps saying how delicious it is, so I am anxious to see for myself.

Yesterday when I found that my son had found the TRIX (it was discounted to 50% off – I don't know what he was thinking!) that my husband brought home, I felt anxious and responded by eating a banana. So I had no fruit for two days in a row. Fruit yesterday, but none so far today.

I am really wishing I could have a banana, or a coconut smoothie, or something sweet tonight. My almond flour [affiliate link] arrived yesterday. I wish I could make some cupcakes tonight. But I think I am going to hang on and try to stay off the sweeter legal foods.

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2 thoughts on “Day 161 – Handling Stress Better

  1. Kicking the sweet stuff was hard for me. It took about 7 weeks before my mouth stopped watering after meals. Now almost 14 weeks later, it’s no issue. Hopefully this will get better for you. It made a huge difference in my symptoms and I’m sure it can’t do anything but help, especially with the weight loss, even though that’s not your real reason for doing GAPS 😉



    Starlene Reply:

    Hi Shel, lol. I am still finding myself wanting to make some kind of baked good but I finally got off fruit and it’s been about three weeks. Guess I need to practice what I preach and start eating a lot more sauerkraut. Thanks for the encouragement!


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