Day 156 Mother’s Day Exercise

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Yesterday was Mother's Day. My husband had work on the side of town near where my mother lives, so I decided to go with him and take my mom some Swiss Chard from my garden and a bouquet of Krazy Daisies and a Mother's Day balloon. I'd already sent a card earlier in the week.

On the way out, the van was not riding real well and my husband thought it was the tires, which have probably been on the van for at least five years if not longer. He just bought the van for his business about a year ago.

So we stopped at a tire shop to find out we needed to get a new set of tires.

My point in telling you all this is after spending the day out with my husband, visiting my mom, we were finally near home waiting to get tires. My husband asked if I wanted to walk over to the grocery store, which was about 1/2 mile away. I had decided to wear a pair of sandals my mother in law gave me a couple years ago that I just love and held onto even though I could not wear them because my feet hurt so bad.

But not anymore, so I wore the sandals yesterday.

And I walked 1/2 mile to a store wearing those sandals.

Six months ago I would not have been able to do that. Thanks GAPS.

I found out that I don't tolerate watermelon well. What I don't tolerate about it is because it is so sweet I can't stop eating it. I binged on watermelon. It was so delicious. I had more today, and I also had a peach.

I decided today I'm going to stop worrying about stopping eating fruit.

In the past, I have had more luck with letting go of control when it comes to food.

I have promised myself doing GAPS is not about losing weight. I want myself to believe that, so I am going to stop worrying about fruit for this month.

I think as soon as I let go of the control over eating fruit, it will lose it's glitter and I will be able to avoid it easier.

We'll see. I'm tired tonight. I worked for several hours on the house on Saturday. I was out all day Sunday. I think that is to be expected that I would be tired.

So that makes two days in a row where I got some exercise. I worked from home today and did not have extra time to exercise.

Thanks for reading my GAPS journey.

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