Day 154 Brain Fog and Energy Levels Improving

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Quick update.

Today I located my favorite exercise game, Nintendo Wii's Dancing With the Stars. I played for 50 minutes. It is so addicting and fun. And you really get moving around and it feels great.

I actually got quite a bit accomplished today. I washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen, used my cream separator for the second time (it wasn't put together correctly the last time and it was a challenge to get it together correctly) and got 1/2 cup cream out of 1 gallon of milk. I cleaned off the dining room table, sorted through three small boxes of paperwork, sorted receipts, vacuumed the living room floor, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, put three loads of clothes through the washer and dryer. Whew.

I think I have more energy.

I noticed when I played the Wii game that I was better able to manage the eye-hand coordination on the game.

I noticed during the week while at work, that my mind is clear and I am not foggy headed like I was for the last couple of years. I am still forgetting some things, but my mind feels clear.

My ankles and fingers have not swelled up since going on GAPS. This is great. I always used to worry when they would do that.

Last night I made chili verde, a stew made with yellow hots, onion, tomatoes and pork. I cut off all the pork fat and then I ground it in our meat grinder attachment of the KitchenAid. I seasoned it to be breakfast sausage, but ended up making it for dinner tonight as meatballs. I also made a mushroom-tomato soup/gravy to pour over the meatballs. My husband *loved* these meatballs. I was afraid he wouldn't like them as he seems to only want hamburgers or hamburger burros.

Last night I also made chicken drumsticks (hubby can't eat the chili verde) and I used the broth (which gelled very thick and solid) in the mushroom-tomato soup tonight, and also in the green beans.

I am tired tonight, so I need to go so I can get to bed. I love my bed so much.

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