Day 152 Fruit and Schedules

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I decided to stop having fruit in May, but I have been unable to stick to my decision.

I have had some fruit every single day. It just looks so good. One day my husband brought home four little packs of blackberries. They just looked so delicious. Another day he brought home strawberries. They also looked delicious.

Today I had a banana on the way home, my husband picked me up from work and he had a bunch of bananas he had bought earlier in the day. I was hungry, and so I had one.

Tonight, I tried the Popcorn Cauliflower people have been raving about. Add me to the list of ravers. It is awesome. I thought it tasted more like french fries than a popcorn substitute. Maybe I didn't brown it enough. And I was not happy how little a large head of cauliflower made. One large head of cauliflower shrunk down to less than 2 cups. I used palm oil.

We switched milking from afternoon to mornings, that means instead of getting up at 4:00am, I have to be on my way out to milk by 3:30am. This is on the days I work. On my days at home, I am able to milk later in the morning. But part of the reason for changing the schedule is the heat and the flies. The girls might kick the bucket and spill the milk because the flies are buzzing around and landing on them and biting them.

I really like when we switch milking to the mornings. It is so much nicer to be able to come home and stand for an hour cooking dinner, rather than change my clothes then rush out to milk for half an hour.

Our youngest son is beginning to talk of leaving home, and I am sad. Of course he should spread his wings and fly, that is the way it is and should be.

Today I realized, the brain fogginess that I used to have a lot of the time has cleared up almost completely. I still have some memory loss at times, but not so bad as it was there for a while.

I ordered Fiber Menace and have been reading it. Quite an eye opening book. It is simply fascinating how our bodies work.

I am starting to feel less and less like spreading the good news about GAPS. I don't know, it just seems too difficult. I have a friend who has been thinking about trying it, but I just don't think she could keep up with all the cooking and the cost. She lives in a senior living apartment and two meals a day are provided in a dining room. She has a tiny kitchen. I am sure she could benefit greatly from GAPS for she has several serious debilitating diseases, but I just don't know if I should encourage her.

I am noticing that junk food and fast food is holding much less appeal for me. I used to look at it and wish I could have some, but it has lost almost all appeal.

This week I have been tired because of the new milking schedule. Last night I finally got into bed right at 7pm and it was much easier to get up at 3:30am and make it through my day. I am able to concentrate better at work. Thank goodness. I am making good progress on some tasks that had fallen by the wayside.

Now to see how this weekend goes.

How are you doing on GAPS?

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1 thought on “Day 152 Fruit and Schedules

  1. Hi Starlene,
    Keep trying to give up fruit. It was SO hard for me too. But I just went cold turkey, enough is enough, and my body has thanked me for it.
    I’ve made the popcorn cauli twice in the last two days- so good! I use ghee.

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