Day 147 Mornings are Better

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I've noticed that waking up in the mornings has been much easier. These little changes occur and then one day I remember, “Hey, I used to be miserable some mornings, begging God to help me wake up and get out of bed.” I would literally pray for strength to get up. Since I have to work, I have no choice but to get up and get going. Some days I really wish I could retire.

I'm sure being able to wake up more easily is a direct result of doing GAPS. Starting with the fact that I can now spend more than 7 hours in bed without my back stiffening. Allow me to elaborate. In 2002, I contracted pneumonia and I was so ill that I had to stay home and remain in bed for one solid month. I had never had any lung infection in my entire life – my body's illness of choice was tonsillitis. But this infection took me down hard. I ended up being diagnosed with asthma six months later and have been on medication ever since (with a few months in between where I was able to go off but always have had to resume use).

After the pneumonia, I found that I could not stay in bed for longer than 7 hours, on some days 7 1/2 hours. This was because my back would stiffen up so badly that I would be in pain while laying in bed, trying to sleep. Before this, I used to go to bed and read for an hour or two, or watch television. No more. Any amount of lying in bed whatsoever, for any reason, started the “timer” on my body's limit to being in bed. Once that timer went off, I was forced to get up and out of bed. The pain was that bad. Then it would take an hour or two for my body to limber up and stop hurting.

I am one of those people who needs at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Considering that I work four days a week, there was no way I could take a nap on my work days. So each weekend I would need to take one or two naps just to try to catch up on my sleep.

I don't like to drink coffee [affiliate link], my body is easily addicted to it. I learned this when I was 16 years old and working a job in the late afternoon and evening. My hours were 3pm to 11pm. This was my first real job, and they provided coffee in our break room. I would put lots of cream (fake stuff) and sugar to make it taste like caramel. After a couple of months, one day there was no coffee for someone had forgotten to place the order. I about fell asleep on my feet and I hated that sensation so much that I vowed that I would never fall into the trap of drinking coffee.

I did drink coffee on some work days, I can tolerate no more than 4 ounces at once. During the years I was not getting enough sleep, I had to drag myself out of bed, and I had my 1/2 cup coffee one to four times a week.

Since starting GAPS, I was determined to not drink coffee, and I have not. I have not found that I need to drink coffee, now that I am able to get an appropriate amount of sleep! Even on the nights when I have insomnia (about 5 or 6 since starting GAPS) I am able to get through the day without feeling the need to have caffeine.

Waking up and not feeling miserable is pretty big for me. I also noticed the other day while milking that I am taking it in stride, instead of feeling miserable and weary.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was planning to weigh myself today. I did not gain. I am at 203.6#.

I had hoped to be under 200.

I have decided to cut out fruits for the month of May. That makes me feel sad.

In spite of deciding to cut out fruits, I did decide to have a banana today. I made myself a green smoothie. I wouldn't exactly call it delicious, but maybe Swiss Chard was the wrong green leafy veggie to try. Or maybe I should have used smaller baby leaves. I used medium sized leaves.

I had a couple tablespoons of liver pate and a slice of apple as a breakfast snack and then I went out and milked. I've changed milking to the mornings. There are far too many flies in the afternoon to milk with any kind of comfort. It is too risky that the girls will kick the bucket and send milk flying everywhere and then the flies will really get bad as they are attracted to spilled milk! This means my work days now start at 3:30am instead of 4am.

I had scrambled eggs [affiliate link] with peas and zucchini for breakfast. I worked in my garden for a couple of hours, placing tomato cages, pulling more weeds, raking areas and I planted some sunflower seeds.

Lunch was 2 ounces smoked salmon with some chicken soup that hubby made last weekend.

Dinner was two hamburger patties wrapped in lettuce, topped with Avocado Mayo Dressing and chipotles. I realized after eating the first one that one was plenty, but I was feeling blue and decided to eat the second one anyway. I'd had another fight with mayonnaise and lost. Twice. More on that tomorrow.

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