Day 143 Effects of Cocoa and I Love Chicken Skin

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Sorry it has been such a long time since I've updated on my progress.

There is not really much to report.

However, today I realized something. On Day 133, I reported that I'd had cocoa that day, having made a chocolate cake for my son's birthday (using almond flour [affiliate link] and honey [affiliate link] to sweeten). Emma asked in the comments how it had affected me, and I replied that it had not affected me at all.

But I was thinking about that the last couple of days, due to Emma's question. The following Monday (Day 135) I had a wicked stressful day. I work from home most Mondays and I was trying to complete financials from December and I was having a very difficult time. I had run across some problems that I would need to confront my supervisor about and it just stresses me out to no end to have to get into confrontational situations. But the accounting must be done correctly, so if I catch a mistake, I have to bring it to my boss' attention. She expects me to, but that doesn't mean she's happiness and light about it every time. <nervous laughter>

So I was really stressed out over that.

And I ended up taking THREE Kava Kava capsules that day. That is very unusual for me since being on GAPS. Whereas in the months prior to GAPS I was beginning to have a lot of anxiety to where I finally stocked up and bought three bottles of Kava Kava. I figured if I was going to have to take one or two capsules daily, I may as well get a good price.

Now I'm wondering if I would have been able to cope better with Monday, had I not had cocoa. Or, it could have been the honey. I have been having honey, but the cake was much too sweet. The recipe makes one layer and it was far too sweet. Sickeningly sweet, but very delicious and I overindulged on it. I made a second layer and used only half as much honey and it was totally delicious and perfectly sweetened as opposed to the first layer.

I do not recall having a difficult day on Sunday (Day 134) but Monday was rough.

I have not had a detox bath in days. The hot weather has arrived and we are getting close to 100°F. Soon it will be hotter. Even with the house cooled to 80°F I am not at all in the mood to get into a hot tub of water.

I've decided to see if I can persuade myself to begin doing the 27 Fling Boogie every day. I've got to start somewhere.

Oh. And another thing. I am so totally amazed that I like love chicken skin. Today my hubby was home and he made dinner. Ahhhh, how wonderful that I didn't have to come home from work and cook. It is because he had a day at home and wasn't out working for someone else 80 miles from home. He baked chicken legs and thighs. They were browned and I actually ate the skin which wasn't totally crispy mind you, from two thighs. It was so delicious and I cannot even believe I did that.

All my life I have gotten dry heaves at the mere THOUGHT of eating chicken skin. Well, I did like brown, crispy skin from the breast area. But these were not totally crispy. But they sure were delicious!

Are my tastes changing, like the little children who come to GAPS and were such picky eaters?

I am really hoping when I am finally at a point to try kefir that I will find that I love it.

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely evening!

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