Day 121 Back to Full GAPS?

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I want this right now. Strawberry shortcake.

I haven't had the cooked apple from stage 5, but I had fresh pineapple today. Was it ever luscious.

A recipe for Jamaican Jerk-style burgers was posted on the GAPS list today, I've asked permission to post the full recipe here so hopefully that will be okay.

In the meantime, basically what I did was add thyme, garlic powder [affiliate link], salt, pepper and allspice [affiliate link] to enough hamburger to make eight patties. I grilled the burgers, and also grilled a pineapple slice for each one. I carefully removed the leaves from a head of iceberg lettuce, washed and dried, to use as “buns”.

I made my Avocado Mayo Dressing.

Hubby doesn't care for anything sweet with his meat, so for him I sliced onions [affiliate link] and tomatoes.

To make mine, I laid down the leaf of lettuce, placed a burger in the middle, spread on a tablespoon of the Avocado Mayo Dressing, placed several jalapeno slices, and finally the pineapple slice.

Then you fold up the lettuce around the burger. It was pretty darned tasty.

I have not decided if I'm off intro yet… a part of me says I haven't, but I think I have. I wish I could find my books to read through more carefully!

I think I have moved on and am trying other foods. Like today I had the fresh pineapple.

Pretty soon I will be able to intro dairy. I can't wait.

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2 thoughts on “Day 121 Back to Full GAPS?

  1. Starlene,
    Have you tracked how new foods affect your fatigue/tiredness? How did you feel after the pineapple?

    BTW, you’re doing great and such an inspiration for me!


  2. Hi Shel: The new foods don’t seem to be causing me to feel any more tired or fatigued than usual. I mean, there was a big hit to my body before GAPS when I’d eat pasta, so that was easy to spot. I seemed to feel okay after the pineapple. It sure was delicious. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

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