Day 94 Intro Day 6 – Day 1 of Stage 4

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Breakfast on the way to work was chicken broth. I brought leftover chicken breast with me for lunch, and stopped at a store on the way to work and bought six small avocados (6/$1). I had one avocado around 10:30 for a snack.

Lunch was chicken breast with some chipotle sauce that had no illegal ingredients, and I also had two avocados to go along with the chicken.

Dinner was a few bites of pork, and I made nut butter pancakes! They were great! I took this recipe and modified it slightly: Grain-Free Foodies Light and Fluffy Intro Diet Pancakes with Lemon Honey Syrup. Basically I just took 1 cup of butternut squash, 1 cup of peanut butter [affiliate link] (oh dear is peanut butter allowed? It had ONLY peanuts and salt), sea salt [affiliate link] and two eggs [affiliate link]. I just mixed those all together with a whisk (didn't puree the squash or separate the eggs) and these cooked up great for me in a cast iron skillet, cooked in coconut oil [affiliate link].

I forgot my GAPS Guide at work in my lunchbox. I had chicken left over and three more avocados.

I do remember the GAPS Guide saying to only eat one pancake. Oops. I ate two. Small ones.

I also started taking the HCL. I took one tablet with my meal. I have not had any stomach burning sensation or anything different. Maybe I burped once or twice.

I am very tired tonight. I only got 6.5 hours sleep last night due to waking up at 2:30am VERY hungry.

How is your GAPS diet going?

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1 thought on “Day 94 Intro Day 6 – Day 1 of Stage 4

  1. Starlene~
    I found your blog through Baden’s blog. I have been glued to it for a couple of days! I went back through your archives and started at Day 1 and have been working my way forward. Somewhere around Day 15 I thought, “hmmm, how is she doing now?” so I jumped forward to when you started the Intro portion and will have to go back and fill in the middle. Thanks so much for your willingness to be completely honest and transparent. I share so many of your feelings (will this really work? what if I fail?) I am trying to gear up for this but I am really concerned I won’t have the willpower you have exercised. I have always failed miserably with diets. I have no doubt this would benefit everyone in the family – it’s just working up the courage. Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say thanks so much for blogging your day-to-day journey with this. It has inspired and encouraged me!
    One question – it seems most people start with the Intro from the get-go … would that be your advice now that you’re doing it?

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