Day 60 Two Months on GAPS Already

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Yay me! I find it hard to believe I've been eating this new way for 60 days. And it honestly hasn't been all that difficult.

It is a bit of a challenge at work some days. Yesterday my son made Pizza Casserole, a bread pudding type casserole made from pizza. We get food donations at our job so he has to work with what comes in. It smelled very wonderful, but I know from my past experience with it I would have engorged myself on it and then felt drugged and sluggish and exhausted.

Yesterday and today there was some type of fluffy cheesecake that looked divine. Today I took a tiny dab and tried it. Maybe a half teaspoon. It wasn't as delicious as I'd imagined it.

I talked with one of my coworkers today. I mentioned the almond pancakes, and how I haven't been able to enjoy pancakes for years. She said she had experienced the same problem. I think one of these days I'll make her a few pancakes and take them for her to try. She is one of my best carb-eating buddies, the two of us were always enjoying carbs together. 🙂   We also both LOVE mashed potatoes; I told her about the whipped cauliflower Faux-tatoes that are so divine and taste so amazingly similar to mashed potatoes. I think I'll bring her some of those, too.

My sweet husband turned off the television last night before he went to sleep. I appreciate that so much and love that he did that for me.

I took my detox bath last night and was in bed around 7:40pm. I am sure I was asleep by 8pm. At 4am my hubby came in to wake me up and I was so dead tired and it was horrible trying to wake up. So I fell back to sleep and he came in again at 4:30 and asked me if I was getting up. I had to because I had to go to work and have to leave by 5am in order to get there by 6am.

I used to get to work at 7am, but I had to leave at 5:30 because of all the traffic at the later time. So it is worth getting up earlier so I can get there sooner.

Yesterday at Savers I found the coolest dishes and had such fun looking over their eclectic selection. If you click on the Red Pepper and Cabbage Casserole link, you'll see one of them.

In spite of being tired this morning I had an okay day – hubby made my broth for me so I could have it when I got up. I was in a better mood than yesterday, and thankful for the bad mood of yesterday because it reminded me of the foul moods I used to get into before GAPS. Lunch was leftover chicken breast and asparagus; both leftover from Monday night. I also brought almonds [affiliate link] with me. They really help me to keep from feeling hungry.

And of course tonight was the aforementioned Red Pepper and Cabbage Casserole.

Earlier today I found Chef Rachel's site, she bills herself as the Healthy Cooking Coach. Here is a tiny blurb from her About page:

I am particularly skilled at helping people with special needs follow special diets, such as wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-and/or casein-free, corn-free, grain-free, peanut-free, egg-free, or preservative-free diets. Do you have a child on the autism spectrum, with ADD or ADHD, or frequent respiratory infections? Do you have Celiac Disease, food allergies or intolerances, an autoimmune disorder, migraines, PMS, acid reflux, excess weight, or other health challenges you would like to deal with wholistically?

She sounds awesome! I'm amazed she doesn't mention GAPS on her site just because of that little blurb. I found her while googling for restaurants that are gluten-free and she has done several reviews for places in the Phoenix area. My hubby and I like to eat out once in a great while, so I was just curious if there is ANYPLACE in town that we could try sometime. There is one restaurant she reviewed – True Food – that is having a special Valentine's Day dinner – $25 per person. But we are already planning to go on a picnic that day.

Chef Rachel recently did a great review on Elana Amsterdam's Paleo Cooking from Elena's Pantry and is giving one away so go on over and check out Chef Rachel's site and enter the contest. Whoops! Sorry I guess I lost a month there already, I thought we were still in January! The contest already ended on January 15th. Sorry!

And now I must get off this computer and go to bed. I'm pretty tired again. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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