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What To Do When You Have a Slip

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Managing a "Slip" (Stock Unlimited Photo)You had a “slip”…

Okay… get up, dust yourself off and keep going.

Here are the steps I try to follow when I've made a mistake and ate something I shouldn't have.

Step 1: Forgive

First thing you have to do is forgive yourself. I know it's sometimes hard to do, but if you slipped and ate something that make you feel miserable, you're already feeling bad enough physically without adding anger and annoyance in the mix.

Step 2: Inventory

Take a moment and assess the situation. If you keep a diary or blog, you might want to write down how you're feeling. Keep this in your mental arsenal for the next time you're tempted. If you have a headache and can't stay off the loo because you ate a doughnut and had a cup of coffee [affiliate link] from Starbucks, the next time you're tempted, remind yourself gently what happened last time. Maybe next time you'll find it worth the slip, and do the same thing again. But if you do, go back to step 1.

Step 3: What Happened

What happened to cause this slip? Remember to be gentle with yourself as you examine the situation.

  • Did you go someplace without bringing a food bag along?
  • Did you bring too little food?
  • Did you let yourself get too hungry?
  • Did you simply get caught off guard?
  • Do you have candida (this can cause strong cravings)?
  • Are you getting plenty of good fats in your diet?
  • Are you getting your broth every day? Broth helps with healing and can help alleviate cravings.

In the big scheme of things, this is only one tiny blip – it's not the end of the world! Always be kind and loving to yourself.

Step 4: Counterattack

Is there anything you can do now to help yourself feel better?

  • Detox bath?
  • Charcoal?
  • Take a walk?
  • Get some sunshine?
  • Take a nap?
  • Listen to your favorite music?
  • Read your favorite book?
  • Watch your favorite show?

Step 5: Next Time

While you are relaxing, make plans now for what you will do the next time. How can you help yourself to avoid this pain and misery you are in right now?

  • Next time you'll bring food with you.
  • Next time you'll eat a good healthy meal before you go grocery shopping.

It might take a few slips to assure that you have established the new method of coping. But remember that each time you slip, this is an opportunity for learning what works for you.

If you have a spouse and/or children, be sure to verbalize what is going on. It is especially important for our children, that we model good behavior for them. If they see us making a mistake, apologizing for our behavior,  they will naturally be more inclined to do the same when they mess up. Also, share with your family what they can do to help you (or themselves) feel better. If you need quiet in the house because your head is aching, ask them to find a quiet activity while you rest for a while. This is good caretaking for you, and also helps your children learn to take good care of themselves.

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