Monthly Progress Report – January 2010

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Day 43, January 17, 2010: This weekend is the first in a long time that I have not had to take naps! I have been working four days a week for over two years now, so I usually have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. I have had to take 2 hour naps on two of those days for almost the entire two years. When I started GAPS, I was taking 3-5 hour naps on at least two days. This weekend, I did not feel tired and worn out, and did not need a nap! This is progress which I am very pleased to report!

Day 34 of full GAPS, January 8, 2010: Okay, this is about my son with Down Syndrome. He is not on full GAPS. We are still slowly weaning him off of “illegal” foods. We have had him off of dairy products and pasta (noodles, macaroni) and have stopped buying deli meats for sandwiches. There is also less and less bread and buns being brought into the house. I had him step on the scale and he is 7 pounds less than he was 10 weeks ago. I have almost as many “issues” with the scale when he stands on it, as I fear his weight will have gone up. Thankfully it has gone down. 7 pounds in 2.5 months is good weight loss. It is better than gaining!

Also, today my mom and I talked for two hours (at separate times in the day). She has read GAPS Guide and is now starting on GAPS. She is excited! She is stopping eating margarine and is eating tiny amounts of butter! She is amazed that I am losing weight while eating 1/4 to 1/2 cup butter a day.

Day 33 of full GAPS, January 7, 2010: My hubby asked me to step on the scale as it seems I have lost some weight. I have noticed that my jeans are slipping down further than they used to. The jeans I have been wearing are Just My Size and they are the right size around my waist, but usually they slide down until they ride my hips. Now they are riding down further on my hips. I have also noticed that my wedding ring is sliding around on my finger.

I do not know how much weight I have lost, as I have “issues” with the number. It is best that I not know, instead gauging my progress by how my clothing fits. I have to continue to remind myself this is not about weight loss (although I would love to lose 75 or so pounds). I consider this a significant change as my weight has been steadily rising for the past 10 years and I was afraid it would never stop.

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1 thought on “Monthly Progress Report – January 2010

  1. Hey Starlene,

    I love your thoughts about weight. That is exactly the way I feel about it. I don’t have any idea about how much weight I have lost, but when it got cold I was able to put my huge blue jeans over my huge sweats and they still didn’t bind. I really need to retire the jeans but I embroidered the hem line and I don’t have any others anyway (my other ones were so huge I couldn’t keep them up at all so they got donated). I refuse to buy any more now since I don’t plan to stay this size but the weight loss has been very, very slow. I am trying very hard to stay patient since I had so many other health issues that are resolving themselves and the weight gain took place over a 20 year span. It would be a nice indicator that my body was working right, though.

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