Kitchen Tools Review: Zyliss Garlic Press

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When you cook a lot, you find that your run of the mill products start to break down on you. That's what I was running into about a decade ago with garlic presses. I tried several from the store and they kept breaking! I asked some friends of mine if they had one they could recommend, and one of them said they love the Zyliss Garlic Press. I was a little taken back at the price, $15. But I was willing to give it a try because I was getting tired of buying garlic presses every few months.

I still have the press that I bought a decade ago. And when I saw one at a thrift store for two bucks, I bought it! The first one is still working great (although I did lose the plastic cleaning piece long ago).

One of the neatest things about this garlic press is you can put the clove in the press, still in the skin and press and the garlic squeezes out, leaving the skin inside the press. Then it is really simple to just dig out the skin with your finger or the point of a knife. The press cleans up easily when you leave the garlic in the skin.

If you peel the skin, which I will do when I have a lot of garlic cloves [affiliate link] to press, the little holes in the garlic press get a bit clogged. I will use a knife on the outside surface to scrape off and get all the garlic. Sometimes I'll dig into the inner part with my finger to get all the garlic from there, too. It is best to clean the garlic press immediately when it is clogged by running it under water and scraping with your finger nail on the inner and outer surface of the press. This will clean the garlic out of the little holes pretty nicely. Only on rare occasions do I need to poke garlic from the little holes. Now if you forget to wash the garlic press right away, you will find it has dried so hard that it cannot be removed without soaking it for at least an hour in hot water.

I highly recommend the Zyliss Garlic Press.

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