Day 56 – Morning

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I have been missing in action with daily reports for the past week. It has been a very tiring week. I had to meet with our lawyer in order to gather some legal paperwork, and although it was much less stressful because she was able to go through the files and figure out what was what, I still ended up getting nervous and stressed.

When we have stress and are adrenals are fatigued, it makes life harder.

One of my sisters called to ask me about GAPS. She asked me how it was working for me, and she called me again yesterday to ask me about some specific foods that she eats and if they were allowed. I believe all of my siblings have gut dysbiosis to some extent, and all could be helped with following GAPS.

I only say that because I didn't think I needed GAPS, until I read the books, and since families often have similar issues it follows that if my mother and my father have gut dybsiosis, then my siblings will as well.

Yesterday my blog was up and down, up and down. I managed to get a few things done before the problem started. I put up a new header, which I'm very happy with, changed the positioning somewhat, and I have monetized my site. You'll recognize the familiar Google Adsense ads. I don't have control over what Google decides to add to the site, and please know that I don't endorse every ad. I noticed the first few ads that came through were about ranching. 🙂  While this blog is on a “ranch” website, there won't be a lot about ranching.

I do have a ranch blog, but I am not doing updates very often. I am sure something will come up every now and then that will prompt me to write something. I think what's there contains a lot of good information. Maybe as I begin to feel better I will feel more like adding to it. For now it's pretty much a blog about goats, oh and there is a series on the cute cottontail bunnies we raised a few years ago.

I've continued to stay off my asthma medication, Flovent, which is a corticosteroid. I am having to use Albuterol at least once in a 24 hour period. One of the things I am trying to do is drink more water. 8 ounces or less isn't enough.

Since my blog was down for most of the day yesterday, I had other things I could have done on the computer, but instead made myself get up and do some housework, which I actually felt that I had energy to do. I cleaned out several cupboards which had foods in there that were old, that no one was going to eat and there was a colony of weevils set up in one cupboard. So the kitchen is pretty good now. Unfortunately my counters are formica and some people around here don't realize you can't set a hot cast iron skillet on it without some repercussions. Like ugly boils and burns. So much fun taking food photos in my kitchen. NOT.

Today I'm going to be working on our finances again (tax day looms ever near) and I'm cleaning ES room. We have his blankets in the washer right now and I'm going to make scrambled eggs [affiliate link], hamburger patties (seasoned to taste like sausage) and maybe pancakes.

More later.

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