Day 44

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This has to be a quick update because it is already 7:47pm and I am already late for getting my detox bath.

Speaking of detox baths… last night I decided to go straight to bed. The weirdest thing happened, I felt very itchy once I got into bed. Itchy like allergic-type itching. For example, we used to own fancy rats. We only owned boys and well, they were pretty musky smelling, and sometimes they would pee on us. If they did that on my arm, I would break out in these tiny little bumps. When I do hoof trims on our bucks, I almost always end up with the itching tiny little bumps. Anyway, that is what the itching felt like when I got into bed, foregoing my detox bath. Just weird is all.

My husband thinks he has narrowed down one thing that really makes him pay in the bathroom. Peppers. Even mild and sweet bell peppers. I asked him if he thought maybe the four white flour tortillas he had with his hamburger burros might have been the cause, along with or instead of the peppers. He feels sure it is the peppers. So we will need to do some additional testing, and watching out for the next time he consumes grains.

I had broth this morning. Mid morning I had a coconut pumpkin [affiliate link] smoothie, and only drank half of it. The rest is in the fridge. I also had a navel orange. Lunch was a pile of veggies: cauliflower, red bell pepper, half an eggplant, and a zucchini. Sauteed then steamed in a cast iron skillet with butter. I only ate half of what I'd prepared, saving the rest for lunch on Tuesday. Dinner was grilled pork chips, grilled eggplant and faux-tatoes. Hubby mentioned aloud that the faux-tatoes were fake mashed potatoes and I admonished him to not continue or elaborate! ES thinks they are mashed potatoes and he loves them!

I love them, too! I steamed two small heads of cauliflower and once they were nice and tender, drained them for a few minutes, then put them back in the pan with some butter and hit them with the stick blender. They came out so nice and fluffy – just a tiny bit watery, but sooooo delicious! I remember one time a coworker (a young man who was newly married to his Internet sweetheart) telling me about faux-tatoes. That was back when I was firmly entrenched in the idea that I would never, ever, ever, ever, EVER restrict my diet for the rest of my life. I wouldn't even give a second thought.

However, when ES's weight kept rising, I knew we HAD to do something. One of the things I did was reluctantly explore faux-tatoes. At first I made them with cream cheese, and sometimes I would go half and half real potatoes and cauliflower. But since starting GAPS and trying to avoid all dairy (except butter!), it's only cauliflower and butter. And they are so close to tasting like real potatoes. I was in the kitchen cooking, and dropped some butter into the hot faux-tatoes with a tiny bit of sea salt [affiliate link] and was nibbling and they were so fantastically delicious.

After I hushed my hubby, who was a prince in response to my chiding, he tasted the faux-tatoes and agreed that they actually did taste very much like real mashed potatoes and told me the “other times” I made them they didn't taste this good.

Well. I think they are fabulous and if you haven't tried them, I urge you to try them soon.

I have a memory of mashed potatoes from when I was about six years old. My mother had to work as my father abandoned my pregnant mother, my 2.5 year old sister and 5 year old me. Anyway, one night my mom was late to pick us up. The babysitter already had dinner prepared and was setting the table. I was sooooo hungry. There was this huge mound of mashed potatoes within reach of my little hands. So I dug into the huge mound with one of my fingers and got a very big delicious bite of mashed potatoes. I don't remember anything else, but I think I probably got into trouble for sticking my finger into their food. This same babysitter would give her daughter hot chicken noodle soup (Campbell's canned) for lunch every day, while my sisters and I ate our peanut butter [affiliate link] and jelly. Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup was a favorite of mine for many years. Actually though in the last couple of years, the quality has gone way down, so I had stopped having it.

Of course my own homemade broth is MUCH, MUCH better. I would like to try making dumplings to go with chicken soup.

Oh, one more tiny thing. I think I overate on dinner. Or something didn't agree with me. I feel bloated.

Oh dear, now it's after 8pm. Good night!

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