Day 43

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Last night, same thing with the slight wheezing. Enough to be bothersome, I used my Albuterol again. I don't seem to have any trouble breathing until I go to bed. Maybe I need to change my pillow or something. I have heard that pillows can get dust mites or something that causes allergies, and my pillow is over four years old. We don't have hot water running to our washing machine, but maybe washing it and then drying it in the dryer would help.

Let's see… today I tried some pumpkin [affiliate link] pancakes, I had planned to do a review today, but I never got around to it. That was breakfast. My Younger Son picked some oranges for me from our pastor's house, they are so delicious and SWEET. I ate two of them today. I can't remember what I had for lunch, it wasn't that long ago! I have had a really busy weekend with year end tax-type things to get done so hubby made dinner. One of his favorites: hamburger burros (with white flour tortillas). At least he didn't have cream cheese or sour cream which really wreaks havoc on his digestive system. I steamed myself some of the wonderful vegetables that my dear husband bought. I had cauliflower, zucchini and half of a red bell pepper. I just plunked the burro mixture on top and plopped in some butter, mixed it up and it was delicious!


So here is some good progress to report: this weekend is the first weekend in I don't know how long that I have not had to take a nap! I just haven't felt tired. This is wonderful. I take this as a very positive sign that my body is doing its miraculous work of healing.

When I first began GAPS, I mentioned that one of our cats was ill. As it turns out, he had somehow gotten a sore on his chest which ended up getting very infected. He has been an indoor cat all his life, but he had recently found a way off the outdoor screened porch. I have seen sores on cats like this before, and they will heal. We decided not to put him through the trauma of taking him to a vet, and you know what? His body healed. It is just amazing. The skin sealed up and the hair is growing back. It was a wonderful demonstration of the power of healing that our heavenly Father instilled into our bodies.

I am sure a great deal of my healing is coming from my being able to sleep.

The young mother I mentioned last night got a lot of great and varied responses on the list. I hope all is well tonight.

I realized that I was probably being triggered because one of my sisters has gone through that sort of horrible battle where the husband wants to have the children go from natural living to mainstream. Insisting on vaccinations when he was in agreement just a few years earlier, challenging the foods, when he was all for it not too long ago. Just frightening.

And it makes me very grateful that my husband is willing to go along with making these changes. He now buys me pretty red bell peppers, instead of candy bars. 🙂   I told him this evening I wished he would take the time to read the books, for he really needs more understanding.

I also mentioned GAPS to one of my sisters by phone today. Our father has deteriorated very much and she doesn't think he has much longer to live. He is barely 67 years old. I am quite certain the bulk of his problems could be cured by GAPS. But I am not in a position to help him. Unfortunately, speaking to him stresses me out too much, so I cannot do it. I can only pray for him.

And now I must go to bed.

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2 thoughts on “Day 43

  1. Yes you should get a new pillow, not for the dust mites but for the mold!! Mold starts growing in pillows in as little as two weeks as we sweat around 2 Litres of sweat each night. So, go buy a new pillow and also get a good pillow protector and you won’t have the mold issue anymore, I even think your wheezing will get better. There’s my 2 cents today lol =D

  2. @lissi*star, thank you for bringing up these mentions of wheezing! I had not remembered blogging about them, and of course now I have been off my medication for almost nine full months, with no wheezing at any time, ever! Yay, GAPS! Thanks for the recommendation on replacing my pillow. I do think I replaced it… although I didn’t get a pillow protector, I will look into that further!

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