Day 42

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Last night my wheezing got to be a bit disturbing, trying to sleep. It was barely there, and only at the end of my full breathout, but enough to bother me so that I got up and took two puffs of Albuterol. At least Albuterol is not a corticosteroid.

Breakfast was 3 scrambled eggs [affiliate link], with bell pepper and onion. We are pretty much out of fresh vegetables. Hubby had to go into town, so I asked him to stop by a Sprouts and see if he can find any good deals there.

Update: 4:44pm. For lunch I had leftover green beans, about 2 cups with some freshly pressed garlic and plenty of butter. The cupboards are kind of bare today. I usually eat fresh steamed vegetables on my days off, but there is nothing in the fridge. So I waited too long to eat and got cranky.

I have lots of work to do this weekend with my husband's business, I have to prepare some W2s and 1099s. I talked with an accountant this morning, I am pleased with our discussion and I am so relieved to have someone to whom I can ask questions.

I made a to do list, and have been working steadily at it. I am out of baking soda [affiliate link] and need to wash my hair! I tidied up the kitchen, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, straightened up a little in the living room and vacuumed. I also straightened up an area that has been cluttering out into the middle of the living room so I'm pleased that I got that done.

Now I have to think about something for dinner! Dh and YS are working together today, usually they stop for a late lunch so maybe they won't need a meal. But that leaves ES and myself. I have to go out and milk but I think I'll jump in the shower first.

More later.

7:36pm. Dinner is chicken breast pounded until it is the same uh… flatness? So it will cook uniformly… then I cut it into chicken nugget sized pieces, dip in scrambled egg, then dip into almond flour [affiliate link] which is seasoned with pepper and sea salt [affiliate link]. Brown on each side, then place on a pan to bake in the oven another 20 minutes or so, until done.

We're also having Pioneer Woman's Butternut Squash Puree (minus any sweetener).

I also cut up a head of romaine lettuce and dh brought home cucumbers and tomatoes so I could put together a salad. I made my Avocado Mayo Dressing again. I just love making that stuff! I've had it not emulsify a couple of times and it is such a disappointment. But when it emulsifies, it is like magic!

I am feeling triggered and sad tonight. A father wants his children to eat “normal” food against the mother's wishes. It makes me sad. I hope the situation resolves favorably and I pray for the young mother and children.

Well, it's 9pm. I didn't have to take a nap again today. That means I'm tired and want to get my detox bath and crawl into bed.

Until tomorrow,


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2 thoughts on “Day 42

  1. I don’t understand the “normal food” thing! Like what’s not normal about meat and veggies and eggs and butter for goodness sakes??
    I do not get people sometimes.
    My best friends’ little boy is 3 and is labelled as failure to thrive. he weighs less than his 1 year old brother and is fading away before my eyes. He is the sole reason I found and started researching GAPS in the first place over 8 months ago. I have discussed GAPS at length with her but she is reluctant to let him go on it because she’s afraid all that weird food will make him lose weight!! I’m like, IT’S JUST MEAT, VEGGIES, EGGS AND BUTTER!!! WHAT IS WEIRD ABOUT THAT???

  2. @lissi*star, I hope you are able to help your friend. But probably you are going to just have to stop saying anything about it. Interestingly enough, people do often lose weight when they do intro. Dr. Natasha says it is water weight loss. Konstantin Monastyrsky of the book and site Fiber Menace explains that we are also no longer clogged up with pounds of fiber. Hopefully one day she will look into GAPS. In the meantime, I can sure feel your frustration.

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