Day 39!

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My goodness! I haven't had the time to update. Now I have seven minutes before I have to turn off this computer and take my detox bath. Hubby wants me to watch Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin from today, he taped it.

Monday was Day 37. I went to my boss' house. She did real good, made me a veggie omelet cooked in butter that I brought from home. Lunch was a veggie salad, with blanched, frozen, thawed veggies plus some lettuce and she set out olive oil and apple cider vinegar and some dried herbs her daughter grows in her garden. It wasn't perfect, there were a few breaches, but all in all, it was a good day.

I am going to have to just forego listing dinner on Monday night, food yesterday. I can' t really remember!

Today we woke up late, so I didn't get my morning broth, but took some brothy soup with me to heat up at work. Lunch was leftover salmon with broccoli and zucchini squash, and an avocado. Dinner tonight was baked chicken with sauteed cabbage, and a salad made with a little bit of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, carrots and a salad dressing made with olive oil, fresh crushed garlic, vinegar, egg yolk and an avocado.

A coworker stopped in my office today and asked me how much weight had I lost? I told her I didn't know, she said I am looking great and whatever I am doing I have lost a significant amount of weight.

The jeans I had been wearing were getting pretty baggy and wearing out in the inner thigh area so I had to find a new pair of jeans to wear to work.

My husband had a brand new pair of black 501 Levis jeans that his mom got him a while back, I'm not sure why he hasn't worn them but they are 40x30s. They fit me snugly (perfectly).

I tried on the pair of Lee stretchable jeans I “outgrew” a few months ago –  they are also 40x30s and they were too tight. Interesting how manufacturer sizes are so different, which of course I've known for years.

Okay, it's 7:01. I must run. Hugs to all!

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2 thoughts on “Day 39!

  1. Losing weight always happens when it’s a lifestyle change… not just a diet. Eating NT is a lifestyle, and a great one!

    Congratulations on the “new” you! 🙂

  2. Victoria, thank you! I am glad I finally looked into GAPS. I thought I would never, ever be able to lose weight. I have worked hard to accept me at this size. I kept hoping I would stay “this” size. Okay, “this” size. All right. This is big enough. This “size” is enough. Stop. ACK!! So I am thankful to have found a way of eating that is satisfying and is also helping my body to heal and become a more normal size for my frame. Thanks again.

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