Day 34

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I slept wonderfully last night. I think I got to bed around 9pm and ended up finally getting up at 6:30am.

I had to work on my husband's books this morning, which got me feeling stressed out. I had to call the state tax department to clarify how to do some of his taxes. It always stresses me out to talk to them. Not that they are mean or anything, it's just that I think we're supposed to do it one way and then I find out I've done it wrong and have to recalculate stuff and then try to remember to do it the right way next time.

ES wanted popcorn this morning to go with his movie from Netflix. He was warming up some butter to go on top of his popcorn but he thought I wouldn't like him having butter. He was standing in front of the toaster oven, just standing there waiting. I was curious what he was warming, so I said, “Whatcha warming up?” He said, “Uh, sandwich.” I said, “Sandwich? I didn't know you'd made a sandwich.” Then I opened the toaster oven and said, “Hey, that's not a sandwich. That's butter.” He said, “I sorry, Mom.” Then I said, “That's okay, you can have butter on your popcorn.” He said, “Oh! Thanks, Mom!” and then he was happy.

The popcorn smelled really good. I caught myself before taking a piece and popping it into my mouth. I surprised myself by catching myself.

I weighed him this morning, he is seven pounds less than he was the last time I weighed him. I believe keeping dairy and pasta out of the house has helped him to lose some weight. Now we just need to keep slowly removing foods to get him to full GAPS.

I bought some bananas last night. They were half green. Once they ripen I am going to try this Whipped Banana recipe from GAPSters. Although now that I look at the recipe again, I don't have a juicer with a homogenizer attachment. We have a juicer that my mom gave us that she never uses. It is some thing with a screen on it. I don't even know where it's at.

Today for breakfast I had the peanut butter [affiliate link]/butternut squash pancake disaster mush stuff from last night. It was pretty good cold. Reminded me a lot of pumpkin [affiliate link] pie filling. Actually I bet it would make a decent pumpkin pie custard replacement. Certainly more protein content with all that nut butter.

I think I am going to lie down for a while to try to stop feeling stressed out.

More later.

I took a two hour nap, but felt guilty because I wasn't getting anything accomplished by napping. I have a lot of work to get done this weekend, and napping isn't going to help me. On the other hand, if I'm tired and feel sluggish, I can't concentrate and feel no motivation to get the work done. The “work” that has to be done involves one of my side jobs, and I have to prepare year end reports, W2s. For my husband's business I need to complete state tax information for the month of December. I would like to get this done this weekend, instead of waiting until the “last minute” next weekend. I am desperately in need of finding an accountant who I can consult with for different various issues when it comes to keeping the books, and I need someone familiar with Quickbooks.

For dinner we had chicken breast cut into chicken nugget-sized squares, dipped in egg and coated with almond flour [affiliate link], and fried in a mixture of coconut oil [affiliate link] and butter. I steamed cauliflower, and I made my husband a small salad with about 1/4 chopped cucumber and a whole avocado. I also gave him a “dip” made of the Avocado Mayo Dressing (a variation).

I continued to feel somewhat stressed out, and my husband and I were putting together an invoice and misunderstanding one another. I felt really agitated. I think I am having underlying issues with Monday. I have to work at my bosses house on Monday, and she loves to cook for me. Only now I'm on this “diet” and only God knows what she'll come up with. I asked her on Wednesday if she would be interested in reading the GAPS Guide and she said she would be, so I brought it in to her on Thursday.

I've been a little bit obsessed with my weight today. Thankfully keeping to the full GAPS food list has been so easy that I have no desire to “celebrate” with some kind of food that would cause me to gain weight.

It will take a while for the “diet head” to settle down. But in the meantime, I'm continuing to eat nourishing foods.

My water kefir grains arrived in today's mail! I started them with regular sugar, I'm sure they were pretty hungry from their trip. The lady said she would ship on Monday so they were without anything to eat for five days. My last batch of water kefir grains grew like bunnies, apparently they love our well water. We love our well water, too.

I am still undecided as to whether my milk kefir grains are alive or dead. The product they are producing smells pretty putrid. It has a smell of kefir, and maybe it is kefir, but I'm not doing dairy, so I'm not going to taste it and I never did like the smell of kefir. The way I am going to tell is to measure the amount of grains and see if they are multiplying. But I probably won't weigh them until a month has gone by.

My [easyazon_link identifier="B001ET7EAA" locale="US" tag="gapsdietjourney-20"]Shikai Yuzu Lotion[/easyazon_link] arrived today. Yuzu is Japanese Citrus. I am very pleased with it. It is thick and luxurious feeling. The scent is very mild. I am glad I got four tubes. I am going to take one to work, keep one beside my bed at night, one at my computer at home and that leaves one more tube, maybe to give away as a gift. Or maybe ES would like to have a tube for himself. His hands get really chapped and red during the winter from all the hand washing he has to do as a cook.

I should really get off this computer and get myself going to bed. I would like to take a detox bath tonight and get into bed at a decent hour. I should be there already!

Are you doing GAPS? Do you have a blog that I can link to? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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