Day 30 – Wow!

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I am surprised that I'm at Day 30, yet not surprised. This is how fast time flies by.

I ordered some water kefir grains (on Sunday, she said she would from a lady who has gallons of them. She is selling them for $5 plus $5 shipping. The last time I had water kefir grains they did REALLY good. I think they must like our well water. But then I made kefir using coconut water and they seemed to die after that.

Today I caught myself twice stopping eating something that I was eating because I was full and didn't want anymore!! This is something I have been (albeit half-heartedly) working on for at least five years! I have been trying to stop eating when I feel satisfied, consciously making an effort to do that at times, when I would remember. But it seemed as if I were possessed and couldn't.

My motto has been, “If it's on my plate, it's mine, it's going down!” How lovely to discover by eliminating certain foods from my diet, this overwhelming compulsion to overeat seems to have subsided.

I had gotten better at eating less food in the last year, but I would still overeat at times to the point of feeling uncomfortable. I am so thankful for all the body acceptance and food acceptance work I have done in the last decade.

Being able to avoid such a huge list of foods, well, it almost seems like a miracle, and too good to be true that it is really this, well, I don't want to say simple, but it has been rather simple. I still wonder, am I just lying to myself? Am I truly craving foods? I don't think I am lying to myself.

Today one of my sisters called and she told me she got sick three times last year and had to be down in bed for ten days. She told me she is just miserable all the time. She is always on a diet trying to keep her weight down. She prefers rotation diets. I wonder if she would be open to GAPS. My mom is reading the GAPS Guide and says it is making a lot of sense to her.

This morning I had Zucchini Scrambled Eggs made with three eggs [affiliate link]. I also had a piece of pork sausage that I made by grinding pork.

I had a Pumpkin Coconut Smoothie today. I made it at first without the Clementine Cutie and it was decidedly not sweet, so I took it back and added the Cutie and it was more to my liking. This was one of the foods I stopped eating halfway and put it in the fridge to save for later.

I had to work from home today. I got to bed around midnight last night, and was up this morning at 6:30. I didn't get enough sleep, and I couldn't take a nap, otherwise I'd not get enough sleep tonight either. I was on edge much of the day. I took Kava Kava pretty early on this morning, and then three or four hours later I took another. I usually only ever take one tablet a day. I also took a Vitamin B100 Complex because I was feeling so nerve wracked. It is almost “that time” so I think my hormones are having an effect on my nerves.

Also, my job really stresses me sometimes. Things bother me a lot because they aren't done correctly. And there is nothing I can do about it. People are going to do what they want, even when I warn them that things should be done another way. And people are going to provide halfway service and I just have to keep patiently being nice and asking one more time when really I'd like to give them a blast.

YS cooked dinner. Chicken breast with broccoli and carrot slices. I remembered to save back some for my lunch tomorrow. When I won't be able to use the kitchen to warm my food again because I'm a chicken.

I should also remember to bring some nuts, or peanut butter [affiliate link] or something.

I am starting to feel anxious to do the Introduction diet. I find it so interesting that Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride warns that we should not be tempted to go to full GAPS, bypassing the Introduction. I think I prefer Baden's suggestion of going to full GAPS first, especially for people who are eating a lot of  non-approved foods to start with. I am not sure when I will embark on the Introduction.

Today dh showed ES the spiralizer. He was excited to see the “spaghetti” that it made. Dh also talked to ES about the foods we are eating. ES really loves cheese. He is so sad to not have cheese. I try to explain to him it's only for a while, but little does he know it might be two years. We are still going slowly with him and eliminating foods. He knows we aren't buying anymore pasta also. Now, Dh being the main food shopper, he just needs to keep to his word.

Speaking of my dh, he is still having trouble keeping himself fed. Last night I made four hamburger patties so he could take them with him while out on a job today.

I guess I had better go. I want to take a detox bath tonight and then crawl into bed early so I can get up with plenty of energy tomorrow.

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