Day 29

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Busy, busy, busy. I've got to get to bed. Have to work tomorrow. Thought about things all day long to post about, took lots of pictures for upcoming posts, but never got around to make any posts.

I had some energy today. YS demanded that I start another batch of fermented radishes. He says they taste horrible, but he loves them and is craving them. Not sure what that's all about. I am glad though that he is willing to try my experiments.

They do stink up the room when you open the jar. But they taste pretty good.

Last night I ate my dinner and thought how I should take a photo. YS grilled hamburger on the grill and I slathered on a new concoction-type mayonnaise that I made. It was very creamy tasting and really made the meal for me. I also had some of my Cortido which was sour enough yesterday. Oh, and YS also made what he calls cauterized cabbage. Basically you cook cabbage in a skillet in butter, but you kind of burn it a little bit.

Yesterday I also had a bad day with my blood sugar going low and was cranky most of the day. I think it is because I didn't eat for too long. And I was hungry when I went outside and decided that the gopher wasn't going to have all my winter veggies!! I transplanted the entire bed to another bed that was only recently fortified with chicken wire. Apparently it rusts out after three years of watering and gardening.

My husband asked me if I've lost weight. He says my rear looks smaller… hmmm… well, I am not sure if that's a compliment? 🙂

Also yesterday I made the orange mango smoothie thing I'd mentioned that I was going to have on the 1st. I finally got around to it yesterday.

Today I noticed my kefir grains might be coming back to life. The milk smells more like kefir. It has been smelling like soured milk.

I played with my spiralizer today and found a way to make zucchini spaghetti that is pretty much like real spaghetti! I even had it with garlic and butter! Mmmm!

Dinner was chili verde, a pork dish made with yellow hot peppers, onions [affiliate link] and garlic. I also had butternut squash puree. I have never liked winter squash until I found Pioneer Woman's recipe.

Well, I hope I can find time to update tomorrow. It has been a busy weekend!

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