Day 5

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Tired today. It is so nice not having to milk in the morning, but like my husband says it works out great not milking in the morning, but not so great in the afternoon. It's just one more chore that has to be done. Anyway, now instead of getting up at 3:30, I can sleep until 4. But then when I get home I have to go straight out and milk.

Dh made chili last night, using white beans, which are allowed on Full GAPS. Pretty good chili. I also had a couple of tablespoons of Bubbies sauerkraut. I think the sauerkraut caused me to have phlegm in my throat. Or maybe it was the chili. Dh warmed beef hot dogs (not GAPS legal) in the chili, maybe it was that. Chili dogs for everyone else. I just had plain chili. With some extra butter floating around. Had a small bowl. Later, before I went to bed, I had an avocado diced up in more chili.

Broth before I left for work this morning, brought leftover chili for “breakfast” and lunch. Fagioli soup from Olive Garden for lunch. I don't care for it too much, no big loss. It was off my approved list due to the macaroni in it. I have never really liked it all that much, but I considered it a “healthy” lunch when we have it. Salad and breadsticks, had neither.

I'm serious when I say these foods don't appeal to me. Now if the breadsticks would have been fresh baked, made from scratch? Yeah, it might have been difficult.

It's just weird because for so many years I have binged at the mere thought of restricting any kind of food.

Maybe more later. But mostly I've been pretty tired today, in spite of getting almost eight hours sleep.

Oh, and got a response back to my email, another list member thinks I am experiencing die off just from going off carbs, dairy, etc.

9:13pm. Dinner tonight was steak, cauliflower, broccoli. I had lots of butter to console myself. Just feeling cranky in general. Tired. My boss gave my husband a tin of cookies. My favorite Christmas cookies. Those sugar cookies with the big chunks of sugar? The ones that are shaped like pretzels are my favorite. I almost succumbed. Also, there was a big container of cookies that my son brought home from work. They had to be over two weeks old, but they sure looked mighty tasty.

Still, I managed to stick with being “clean”. I'm very surprised I have been able to make it this many days.

Tomorrow will be a real challenge. I have to be at work from 8am until about 10pm. I will need to bring enough food to last throughout the day. I think chicken breast for the dinner being served, so maybe I can have some of that.

I'm very tired tonight. Very tired. It's cold in the house. Good night.

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