Day 23

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I am decidedly happier. I find myself smiling more.

Today I cleaned up a little bit in the living room, enough to vacuum the floor. Washed some dishes, made dinner.

Hubby put a roast in the crockpot this morning. I steamed carrots and cauliflower. Very happy to see ES getting nice big helpings of the veggies.

I told my husband, “You know he really looks to you for what you are eating. When you would eat bread, he'd get a couple slices.” Dh wasn't really aware.

I had more black olives last night. Probably could be considered a breach.

My right thumb is hurting. The joint. Not sure why. One of my milkers has a milk stone in her teat, maybe strained my thumb trying to squeeze it out. It has completely sealed her orifice, I'm worried she will dry up on that side since I cannot milk her. I have written to my goat list for suggestions. I hope my goat mentor has some ideas.

It stressed me out quite a bit. I felt limp after trying to milk her. Felt like giving up. Wished we didn't have goats.

I did find my kefir grains in the fridge and get them into some fresh milk. They look okay, we'll see how they progress.

Did I say yesterday that I started some radishes fermenting? They are beginning to bubble and gas releases from the jar when I unscrew the lid.

I had salmon patties for breakfast. No broth today, or yesterday. I need to get back to drinking broth! I also don't think I drink enough water. Sometimes not even one glass a day.

I did the yeast spit test this morning. I had gunk on the bottom of the glass. Strings initially, and floaters in the water, but in the end, just gunk in the water. Here's some commentary on why it isn't always conclusive. I also took this comprehensive yeast symptoms test, and scored 73.

I keep forgetting to take my cod liver oil. Hubby brought home some chicken hearts and gizzards. I do love chicken hearts, always have.

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