Day 15 I’m Able to Sleep for 9 Hours Without My Back Aching!

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I was able to stay in bed again for 9 hours! Amazing. Fourth night in a row for the first time in 8 years. It has to be GAPS. I even watched some of a movie on television last night, something my husband was watching and it looked interesting. Turns out it was a movie called Midnight Clear starring Stephen Baldwin. We only caught the last 30-45 minutes.

Watching a movie instead of sleeping is something I absolutely dared not do for the past eight years.

Now I need to figure out what to have for breakfast. Oh, I should update the rest of my food for yesterday.

I took my bath, and had a nice soak. I put epsom salts and dead sea salts in the water. The tape seemed to hold, although when I pushed on it, bubbles came out. I taped over three times, so I hope it stayed dry underneath. I love taking a hot bath, and Baden says to stay in the hot water until you start to sweat, well, read her description here. Anyway, I did shower afterward to wash my hair. I forgot I was out of baking soda [affiliate link], so I only rinsed my hair with water. It will look a little greasy today, but that's okay, I'm not going anywhere.

Anyway, after I got into bed, I realized I was hungry. I got up and had a couple more tablespoons of the liver pate stuff that I made. I thought that would be enough, but I was still hungry, so made myself a Coconut Pumpkin Smoothie. I put a banana in this time, and didn't add any ice cubes. It was too thick, but still very delicious. I had dh try it and asked him if he didn't think it was better than a Dairy Queen Blizzard. He asked me what was my obsession with DQ Blizzard's, that he'd never had one. But he said he would rather have my smoothie, than ice cream. That is a high compliment! He then said he doesn't even really like ice cream, only once in a while he wants some.

Also, I didn't have my cup of broth yesterday.

I was still tired, although I did manage to wipe off all the kitchen counters and wash two loads of dishes, wash my laundry, milk the goats. I have this long to do list that I'm supposed to get done this weekend. I should probably try to focus on it.

More later.

7:30pm. I get to work from home tomorrow, but still I must get into bed at a decent time, since I want to give myself 9 hours to sleep. I'm craving a bath again, so I think I'll honor my body with that request.

I made almond flour [affiliate link] pancakes and zucchini scrambled eggs [affiliate link] for dh about 2:30 and had some, too.

Dh fried up hamburgers for dinner. I had one with cooked cabbage on the side. I also had two Clementine cuties.

Dh told me today he's giving up the Gobstoppers! We discussed our plan for the 10 day trial. We are going to have to go through our food supply and get rid of anything we don't want Eldest Son to eat. I read some of Dr. Campbell-McBride's book to dh. I am underlining anything I come across about Down Syndrome so we can get an understanding of what might be going on for ES.

I talked to ES, I told him I'm going to be taking a week off from work, and me and him and going to be eating buddies. That's when we'll do intro. I am just confused on how to do it! I have heard three days, six weeks, or maybe even longer periods. I don't think we can do it longer than three days. I am just not sure what we should do. But we can always do intro again.

It is just difficult because I am not able to stay home full time and monitor ES's eating. He loves being independent and making his own meals. I feel sad that we didn't know this sooner in his life, and get him started on eating foods that are good for him. But hopefully we can make the change.

I am still managing to not eat junk foods. YS made brownies this evening!! He is delighting a little bit in that he can eat what he wants, and the rest of us are on a diet. Although he did say dh and I are fighting less since starting this new diet. I am not sure what he means by that, because I think my dh and I get along pretty good, and I think we rarely argue and fight.

I found some neat posts at Baden's today. One was on how her feet used to hurt before GAPS, and this really neat post with success stories. The one especially inspiring to me was JenniferG from August 13, 2009. She had posted when on GAPS about a month and was still tired, and finally at 2 months she was feeling energy for five days. When I read it earlier today, I thought she said she was having more energy after three weeks, and I'm at 15 days, and thought it can't be long now. I even told my dh. I will have to tell him I read that wrong. Still, it is encouraging.

I have had a lot of eye matter today. I will try to remember to notate when I have it. Maybe I can find something I'm eating that is causing it.

Those brownies smelled real good, but I avoided having any. I am still a little in shock that I am able to abstain from the foods I am avoiding. I realize it may become harder as the bacteria die off. I guess all the tiredness is from die off. I am so glad my dh is giving up Gobstoppers!

Well, I had better go so I can take my hot bath and soak.



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