My e-books

Thank you for your interest in my e-books!

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The following e-books are available for purchase and instant download:

  • Beyond Grain & Dairy is a collection of 113 recipes that are free from: grain, gluten, soy, corn, potatoes and processed sugars.  This e-book is also Paleo friendly. $16.97
  • Baking with Coconut Flour. If you have tried using coconut flour and have not had much luck, my e-book can help you become successful baking with coconut flour. This e-book is not a recipe book but an instructional guide to teach you how to bake with coconut flour and also I will show you the formula I use for converting your own family favorite recipes.  Contains eggs in most recipes. $18.95
  • Everyone Loves Pudding is a collection of pudding recipes which are mostly based on cashews.  Yes, cashews!  These are creamy and delicious and all of the recipes can be placed into your ice cream maker or frozen into popsicles. $9.95


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