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TMI or The BM Chronicles

I decided to move the TMI information to one page and therefore spare my readers unless they really, truly want to know what’s going on in the loo.

Day 103. March 18th. I haven’t updated this section in a long time. Unfortunately I have not been tracking my cycle anywhere else either.  It’s just that I didn’t have a period for about six weeks, and I didn’t track that to know for sure if it was six weeks (no danger of pregnancy whatsoever). Then my period started about three weeks ago, and I just stopped bleeding from another period.  So a big gap, then a short gap. I’ve been on Intro since the 4th and have been experiencing some constipation.  I have to be so careful about going the instant I feel even the slightest urge, or the urge subsides, not to appear again until the next day, by then which it has been 36 hours.  As I mentioned earlier, my period often causes me to feel constipated. I don’t know why.

Day 63

Moving this information out of the daily report meant I had to go someplace else to report, so I guess I just started forgetting. It occurred to me yesterday that my stools have normalized – I am no longer having the mushy, squishy, liquidy stools. They have now settled into a four.  I met a new friend yesterday. It was awesome! It was also hilarious, because we were talking about pooping and wanting to ask people how long had it been since they pooped, or “How are you pooping?”  Because it is such a telltale sign of how your digestive system is working.

My period started on January 6th last month, so that makes today Day 32 of my menstrual cycle.  And today I had a large glob of clear fertile mucous.  So I am having a longer cycle this time, as I won’t expect my period to start now for 10 days or longer.

Day 39 and Day 40

I am having a morning and evening BM! This is new for me. Not a lot, not like the 4 I am used to, I guess they would be 5.  I guess this is a good thing. (This only last a couple of days, then I went back to having one bm daily).

Day 34 through Day 36 1/8/10 to 1/10/10

I’m still feeling sludgy/constipated.  Actually contemplated an enema yesterday. Last signs of period today.

Day 33 1/7/10

Still kind of sludgy morning bm.  Then had another more normal bm at the end of the day. I’ve been eating about 1/2 cup sauerkraut a day.

Day 32 – 1/6/10

My period started. It is fairly common for me to be constipated when my period is starting. Hence yesterday’s constipation, I would say. Today’s bm was kind of sludgy.

Day 31 – 1/5/10

Constipated.  Why? No sauerkraut yesterday? I had about 1/3 cup tonight, see if that helps.

Day 30 – 1/4/10

What happened to Day 30’s report? I know I mentioned it, and now it is gone from my brain. I think it was a normal incident.

Day 29 – 1/3/10
Solid bm. Looked like a 4. Went right to the bottom of the toilet. Mine have been floating lately. What does it all mean?

Day 28 – 1/2/10
Diarrhea? Not sure why. I had homegrown beets and beet greens and a few other assorted greens. All steamed. Purple diarrhea. I did have quite a bit of fermented veggies yesterday.

Day 27 – 1/1/10
Haven’t updated this area in a few days.  I started eating my own homemade sauerkraut yesterday, and today my bm was much more formed than it has been. I had almost gotten to the point where I was thinking a “5” was going to be my normal stool.  Today’s were more like “4”.

Day 20 – 12/25/09
Just to update for this area. On Day 18 I had a strong urge to go. I’ve been having to pay really close attention to the “urge” or it passes quickly, so it is somewhat of a comfort to feel a strong urge. I guess that would be par for the course when missing a day (Day 17). Days 19, and 20, rather uneventful. Although I am still not happy with not having a “normal” stool. It is still rather soft and smooshy.  Day 21, I’m assuming from the different foods (although still full GAPS), softer, and not formed at all. I wonder if that is from die off due to the Bubbies sauerkraut. I am beginning to drink Bubbies sauerkraut juice, and eat a mouthful or two each day of sauerkraut.

Day 17 – 12/22/09
No bm today. ? Constipated?

Day 16 – 12/21/09
I had a bm today. I would like to see it be more formed and less “sticky”. I also have fertile mucous so some hormonal swings are in play.

Day 13 – 12/18/09
On Day 11, I didn’t have a morning bm. I had a small one in the evening but I was kind of constipated. Days 12 and 13, don’t remember any details, but did have one. Day 14, was kind of runny, I think due to all the salad I gorged myself on, on the evening of Day 13. Today’s bm was dark, floated and in pieces.  Actually I don’t think my bm has been formed like a number 4 since the one day it was. But on that day that it looked like a number 4, it seemed sticky and kind of like I was constipated.

Day 11 – 12/16/09
No bm today. I went last night, and felt constipated.  Not thrilled that I didn’t go this morning, but maybe will later tonight. Actually, it’s already time for me to go to bed. I noticed something interesting today. Every time I go to the postage room at my job, 95 times out of 100 I have to go urinate.   Today, I felt the urge to go, but it wasn’t as desperate as usual.  I do not have UTIs, so it’s not that I have that problem. But what I noticed was when I did go to the restroom, it seemed like my urine came out, well, this is hard to describe.  It just seemed calmer?  I mean, not calmer as in less forceful, but I wonder if it’s a ph thing?  I know nothing about ph.  Okay, like I don’t have pain when I urinate, but that is the only thing I can liken it to. It was as if there was no sensation of pain. Oh, I don’t know how to describe it. Because I don’t generally have pain. Okay, here’s another analogy. It’s like doing the neti pot. If the saline solution is too weak, I can feel the water in my sinuses, but if it’s the right saline solution, I almost cannot feel that there is water in my sinuses. This is just something I noticed. My urine looks to be more brown colored than normal. Not brown, but just not as yellow. You know, like if you took a glass of water that was light yellow, then dropped in a drop of brown, it would look slightly brown. This is hard to describe.

Day 10 – 12/15 /09
Finally today my stool was formed.  Still very soft, but I would say Type 4. After days of it being Types 5 and 6, and one day Type 7.  I guess in the past couple of years I have had more Type 3 with some constipation and occasional bouts with straining.  Previous to the last couple years, I would say Type 4 was the norm for me.

Day 9 – 12/14/09
The odd thing about all this is my stool feels like it is firming up while evacuating, but when I look, it’s not. Well, it’s better today than the diarrhea from a few days ago.

Day 8 – 12/13/09
This morning my stool seems a bit more formed. Maybe the die off is slowing down.

Day 7 – 12/12/09
This morning my bm is more formed than yesterday (which was runny and explosive). But still not solid as is typically normal for me (well, normal prior to starting this experiment).

Day 6 – 12/11/09
Runny diarrhea. I had no idea. I thought prior to visiting the bathroom, might I have a normal bm today? This was around 7:20am. Earlier I had the loose stools. Is this really die-off? Or maybe my body cleaning itself out? Or maybe just too many cashews? Okay, this is really TMI, but in the past year or so I have not really been constipated, but in the evening always felt like there was a bm waiting, but not having an urge to go. I’ve tried to go, but that really doesn’t help, just makes for a halfway kind of feeling, with straining and not a good thing at all. So I just wait until morning. I guess that is one nice thing about having diarrhea, there’s not that feeling. My period is easing up today.

Day 4 – 12/9/09
My period is going full blast; uncomfortable, heavy with cramping, and I had loose bowels with undigested food in them. This is rather uncommon for me. Could this be “die off” I’m experiencing?

Day 3 – 12/8/09
My period is trying to start. So maybe the hormones are playing a roll in my feeling more awake today. Light spotting. I also have loose bowels with undigested food, which is not a common occurrence for me.