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Our Problems

My husband and I have agreed to try a ten day trial of the GAPS diet at the end of December when I’ll have ten days off work. I have started this blog (prior to the start of our trial) so that I will have a place to write my thoughts. I am about to burst with so many thoughts. I feel I could write a book in one sitting with all of them.

I guess the best place to start is to detail the issues we are experiencing.


  • Low Thyroid – I have taken my temperature for fertility awareness and it is very low most of the month. Low waking temps are an almost certain indication of low thyroid. I have been tested, but my doctor said my tests came back “normal” and instead offered me anti-depressants. I refused them as I did not think I needed them.
  • Weight Gain – I was slender until my first child was born in 1987, I was 23 years old. I kept ten pounds of the weight. My second child was born in 1989. I gained another ten pounds. I dieted for the first time in my life starting in 1992. I lost back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 123 (and looked too thin). I tried to stay on the low fat diet for the next four years and failed miserably. I have gained roughly ten pounds every year. I do not know my current weight, but I was at 225 about one year ago. I am in size 20 jeans. The largest I have ever been. I hate it. I have tried to make peace with my body, but I just hate being this large.
  • Constant tiredness – I am always complaining of being tired, and yet I can’t stay in bed for more than 7 hours at a time or my back stiffens up. I am currently working four days a week, sometimes my boss lets me stay home and work one day. I try to get caught up on my sleep on my days off.
  • No energy – I can’t seem to get anything done on the days that I’m off. I have plenty of stamina to sit at the computer, although much of the time I can’t focus well enough to stay on task. Possible symptoms of ADD. ?
  • I suspect my adrenals are fatigued. I have many of the symptoms. I am on a corticosteroid for my asthma. I understand that corticosteroids provide enough to stimulate the adrenals. I went off my medication for about four days, I was breathing well and no wheezing. But I became more exhausted as each day passed. So I suspect my body/adrenals are now relying on the once daily dose of corticosteroids.
  • I experience constipation at times, this is a fairly new problem. About two years old. Prior to then, I never had a problem with moving my bowels.
  • I have symptoms of yeast. This next section may be TMI, so feel free to skip down to the next symptom. [I have experienced vaginal yeast infections during the end of my cycle. Having practiced fertility awareness, coincidentally once the fertile mucous dried up, I would start getting a yeast infection. This occurred monthly. Also I am the age that my periods are beginning to be very hard to track. I stopped taking my temperature about a year ago, because why bother to find the “safe time” when the “safe time” was the time I’d have a yeast infection?]
  • Fuzzy thinking – this can be a symptom of thyroid, but also can be caused by gut issues.
  • Poor memory – I am pretty sure this also lines up with gut issues.
  • Allergy tests by allergy specialist reveal I am allergic to nearly everything I was tested for, something like 26 of 30 things – doctor is shocked that I’m not on Allegra every single day of my life
  • diagnosed with asthma after bout with pneumonia in 2001 (suspect adrenal fatigue due to this illness precipitated the asthma)
  • I have always had low energy. I spent my life as a child reading books. My first optometrist blamed my poor eyesight on the amount of reading I did.
  • Cannot find the willpower to not eat pasta if it is cooked and ready to eat
  • Feelings of depression
  • Lack of enthusiasm for life


  • Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis
  • Craves chocolate and sweets
  • Ex-alcoholic (sober and clean since 1998)
  • Feels like he is more tired than he should be
  • Wishes he had more energy


  • Has Down Syndrome (which complicates everything)
  • overweight
  • hacks and coughs, has lots of phlegm
  • possibly has reflux
  • craves carbohydrates
  • huge poops
  • has hair loss
  • probable thyroid issues although he is needle phobic so difficult to get bloodwork done
  • diagnosed with asthma after bout with pneumonia in 2001; currently on Qvar (suspect adrenal fatigue due to this illness precipitated the asthma)
  • seems to be tired a lot
  • little energy

I believe my youngest son has gut issues as well, but he is not ready to get on board with us just yet.

In looking at my family, I believe my mother, father, and all my siblings, nieces and nephews have gut issues. All around me I see people who are most likely suffering from gut issues. I hope it works for me, so I can be a testimony to others who are willing to listen and do the hard work it will take to heal.