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About the Food Blog

My promise:

I promise that the recipes you find here will be GAPS-Friendly and will only use foods from the “full-GAPS” approved food list.

I want you to have someplace where you can come and know it will be safe from sugar, gluten and other non-approved food items.

I really love to cook, and I’ve always found it a challenge to stick to any recipe.  Sometimes I’ll force myself to try a recipe exactly like the cookbook says to make it at least once, but usually the second time I use a recipe I change something about it. Maybe it might be a little less butter, or more butter, or I’ll add an ingredient it doesn’t call for, or delete one.  This little quirk of mine actually comes in handy when looking at recipes because I am pretty confident what I can get away with altering from my past experience. Anyway, I am pretty good at envisioning a combination of foods together and they almost always taste delicious in the end. I’m no professional cook, I’ve just been cooking since 1973 and really enjoy it. I’m also very excited to have a place to share my creations and I hope you will enjoy them, too!

Now I’m only human, and I make mistakes like everyone else, so if you find a recipe that breaches Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s GAPS approved food list, please bring it to my attention!


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