VitaClay Cooker: Personal Multi-Cooker and Yogurt Maker

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Today I have a review for the VitaClay Multi-Cooker. The company contacted me and asked if I would like to try their product and I agreed to check it out. What you will read in this review is my honest opinion.

The version VitaClay sent me to review is the Personal Multi-Cooker and Yogurt Maker #VM7900-8. This multi-cooker holds 8 cups (2 quarts). It is 4-in-1 cooker, and can be used as a slow cooker, digital steamer, low-temperature artisan yogurt maker and rice maker.


I'll start with my three concerns or what I feel to be possible negatives about this particular multi-cooker for my family. First of all, it holds just 8 cups.

HOWEVER, keep in mind it is billed as a “personal” multi-cooker, so if you are using it to make a dinner meal, it may not hold enough for a large family. Although there are only three of us in our household, dinners are typically large, plus I like to make enough to have leftovers for lunch the next day at work. It does work great for steaming vegetables, or making yogurt or rice.

Fast Slow Cooker?

My second concern was that although the multi-cooker includes a slow cooker feature, it cooks much faster than a traditional slow cooker, from 2 to 4 times faster, according to the manufacturer.

This quicker cooking time had me confused. How could it be a slow cooker, and yet cook so much faster?

I've used slow cookers for three decades and have always employed them to cook for me while I'm away from home, typically on a work day. Nowadays due to my 2-3 hour daily commute I'm away from home for 11-12 hours (sometimes longer). So I was surprised while making pork ribs in the VitaClay on a Sunday to find that they were done so quickly. My initial reaction was how could this product work for me if the food was done cooking so quickly?

One of the complaints I hear about traditional slow cookers is that the food is mushy and bland. VitaClay suggests that traditional slow cookers have this problem because the food sits in hot liquid for such a long time, which also tends to break down nutrients.

This is a traditional slow cooker issue that the VitaClay attempts to solve by cooking the food faster. With faster cook times, foods have less chance of becoming mushy, bland tasting and losing nutrients.

And I must say the pork ribs I made in the VitaClay were very flavorful, moist and had great texture.

In asking for clarification about the multi-cooker's slow cooker feature, I was told that cooking takes less time due to the housing that seals, which creates a bit of pressure, allowing the food to cook faster.

I think my situation is atypical in that most people who are gone for the workday are home after 9 hours, not 11 or 12. AND, the multi-cooker does have a delay timer.  So you can set the delay timer to start cooking later in the day, or if you are planning to cook breakfast in the slow cooker overnight, you can set the delay timer to start the cooker in the middle of the night.


My third concern is that the cooker takes up a lot of room. My kitchen is pretty small and I don't have a lot of storage space. Although, when I compare it to my traditional slow cooker, it is just slightly larger. Then again, my traditional slow cooker holds three times the volume.

What I Like About the VitaClay Multi-Cooker

Clay Insert

I totally love that the insert is clay. No worries about aluminum, lead or non-stick chemical glazes. The unique properties of clay enhances the flavor of foods without added salt, sugar or oils, and preserves important nutrients, enzymes and vitamins.

Fully Programmable & Multi-Functional

The VitaClay multi-cooker is fully programmable from 10 minutes to 5 hours. It has a delay timer and will automatically keep your food warm once it is done cooking.

It has 7 function settings which include reheating, stew, soup, yogurt and three kinds of rice (white or quinoa, brown or wild, sushi or sticky). I have mostly been using it to make vegetables to go with dinner.

Perfect Rice

It does an excellent job at cooking rice. Most of my readers are on GAPS, so aren't eating rice. But since I've transitioned from GAPS I have it on occasion.

I used long grain white rice and it came out fluffy and perfectly cooked. The clay pot insert is not non-stick, something for which I was very happy. The rice did stick just a little bit to the bottom. I soaked it for a few minutes and then gently scraped to remove.

Easy to Carry

I really like the handle which makes it very easy to carry.

My Favorite Use So Far

I have been using it mostly to cook fresh vegetables to go with dinner. I cut up the fresh vegetables and place them in the clay pot insert about an hour before dinner.

I am very interested in using it to make yogurt, but I ran out of my favorite dairy-free yogurt starter so I haven't been able to try that feature.

I am planning to continue trying out the pot to find more ways to use it for me and my family.

Thank you VitaClay for the opportunity to try out your multi-cooker!

Do you own the VitaClay multi-cooker? What do you think of it?






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