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Baking with Coconut Flour in Bundle of the Week $7.40

Mastering the Art of Baking with Coconut Flour is on sale for a limited time only!

This week I am thrilled to announce that my affiliate partner Mandi Ehman is including my e-book Baking with Coconut Flour in this week’s Bundle of the Week.

Along with Baking with Coconut Flour, you will also get four other gluten-free e-books which Mandi has hand selected to include in this bundle. You’ll get Baking with Coconut Flour, Awaken 30+ Egg-Free and Grain-Free Breakfasts, Summer Grain Free Meals Plans, Afternoon Tea and Gluten-Free Baking Mix.

All five for the amazing low price of $7.40 for the bundle.


This bundle is available for just one week… today through next Sunday, August 18th.

Let me tell you about the e-books in this bundle.


First there’s Grain Free Meal Plans, Summer Edition from Cara who blogs at Health, Home and Happiness.  In this e-book you’ll get plans to make 21 meals, including a shopping list.  Cara’s menu planners are GAPS Friendly.

afternoon-tea In Afternoon Tea, Suzanne offers a variety of delicious recipes to accompany your afternoon tea time (or any time you’re craving a sweet treat!). In addition to more than 45 grain-, gluten-, dairy-, nut- and sugar-free treats, you’ll also find her collection of base recipes, information about various ingredients and full-color photos to accompany each recipe.  In this e-book there are two ingredients used which are not allowed on GAPS: tapioca flour and baking powder.  We can have cocoa powder on GAPS but some recipes call for 70% to 85% dark chocolate.  Some recipes call for Stevia which is not GAPS approved but some GAPSters use it and don’t find it to be problematic. Many of the recipes are GAPS Friendly but do be sure to double check the ingredient list as some are not GAPS legal as written.


In Awaken: 30+ Egg Free and Grain Free Breakfasts, Karen offers 30 delicious breakfast recipes that are egg- and grain-free with step-by-step instructions and photos as well as tips for stocking a gluten-free pantry, egg and sweetener substitution charts, and nutritional information estimates.  Most of the ingredients are GAPS friendly except for the almond milk, Swerve sweetener, Stevia, maple syrup and coconut palm sugar.




The Gluten-Free Baking Mix Cookbook includes 50 recipes from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. Gluten free food is also often thought to be time consuming and expensive to make, but it can be quick, easy, and inexpensive, especially if you already have a mix made up and ready to use just like the big yellow box from your local grocer.  In The Gluten-Free Baking Mix Cookbook, Lynn shares her all-purpose baking mix recipe plus more than 50 recipes for every meal, making this a must-have for any gluten-free kitchen!  This e-book is not GAPS legal as it includes rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, xantham gum and baking powder.


My e-book, Baking with Coconut Flour is GAPS legal and will help you learn how to bake with coconut flour.  Baking with Coconut Flour is not a recipe book but an instructional guide that will answer your questions about baking with coconut flour. I will show you how to successfully reproduce other people’s recipes, how to work with coconut flour, how to adapt your favorite family recipes, how to troubleshoot your flops, where to find coconut flour and more. I will even includes a handy worksheet to help you convert recipes!

This bundle is only around for one week so make your purchase now and don’t miss out!  Just $7.40 for all five e-books!  Don’t forget to share with your friends and family if they are also gluten-free!

This sale ends August 19th at 8am EST so act now!


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Mastering the Art of Baking with Coconut Flour is on sale for a limited time only!

6 comments to Baking with Coconut Flour in Bundle of the Week $7.40

  • James Fraser

    I have been on GAPS for about four months, and it has had many amazing benefits for my mental and physical health. I have never been much of a baker, but I do like my “bread”, so I have learned how to bake using almond and coconut flour. But I have been looking for a recipe that will allow me to bake a large size loaf- capable of full size sandwich slices. It is my understanding that the nut flours are too dense to cook “through” a large loaf. Anyone have any suggestions? Mahalo from hawaii…..


    Starlene Reply:

    Hi James, I have a recipe for coconut flour that makes almost full size sandwich bread. You might try baking your bread using a taller loaf pan, at a lower temperature. Hope that helps!


    James Fraser Reply:

    Where is the recipe?


    Starlene Reply:

    It is in my e-book Baking with Coconut Flour which was included in the Bundle of the Week a couple of weeks ago. I thought since you were commenting on the post which was about the bundle, that you must have bought it. The bundle sale is over but you can still buy the e-book at

  • Lavana Fitzgerald

    I want a recipe for sour dough Coconut flour bread. Is this included in your eBooks?


    Starlene Reply:

    Hi Lavana, no I’m sorry I do not have a recipe for sourdough. If you find one, please let us know! :-)


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