Review and Giveaway! Go Natural Non Toxic Hypoallergenic Nail Polish

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Go Natural Non Toxic Nail Polish

In celebration of 18 months on GAPS, I'm going to have my first giveaway at the blog!   A friend of mine used to sell toe rings and when I complimented her on how cute her toes were in sandals with her pretty toe rings she brought in her remaining inventory and fitted two of my toes with toe rings!  🙂

It was then I realized how plain my toes looked without nail polish and I started wondering if there were any non-toxic nail polishes available.

GAPS suggests that we stop using toxic products; when I started GAPS I was already ahead of the game because I'd stopped using nail polish and remover years ago and because the smell is so obnoxious and would just make me feel sick when I had to use it.  The other thing is before starting on GAPS I never much energy to even care about taking the time to paint my toenails!  But now that I'm feeling better, I actually have the energy and desire to look pretty! I always wondered how women could coordinate their outfits with jewelry, matching shoes, nail polish, etc.!   Now I understand, because now I have enough energy to do more than barely exist.  Yay GAPS!

In my search for a non-toxic nail polish, I ran across Go Natural Non-Toxic Hypoallergenic Nail Polish.

Go Natural Nail Polish - Non-Toxic!

I wrote to the company and asked if they would be so kind as to allow me to sample their product, and within a few days I received a package in the mail. Was I ever surprised to find three pretty nail polishes, with prime coat, top coat and nail polish remover!

I was so excited to try out this product. The first thing I noticed is there is truly hardly any smell. What a relief to my nose! The instructions stated that I should wash my toenails with the polish remover, once dry use primecoat on the tips and edges of the nails. Next they suggest two coats of color, and finally a coat of topcoat. My toes looked beautiful and my feet looked so fancy!

If you are fellow GAPSter, you know how many detox baths we take… one a day if we're diligent and sometimes two a day! Over the next two weeks I took several detox baths in fairly hot water, and the polish remained untouched. I did make a point to not keep my toes in the hot water for the entire thirty minutes just in case. I didn't want to mess up my paint job any sooner than I needed to.

No-Toxic Chemicals

Go Natural Polish does not contain any of the usual toxins found in nail polish: no formaldehyde, toluene, dibutylphthalate (DBP), bisphenol A (BPA) dangerous acetate solvents, or acetone. This is important when you are trying to keep your body safe from any more toxins than we are already exposed to on a daily basis! You can learn more about Go Natural at their Frequently Asked Questions page.

Over 60 Vibrant Colors

Go Natural Polish comes in over 60 dazzling colors ranging from pearls, pinks and red to super fun colors for your teenagers and little girls!

And now for the best part of today's post:  The Giveaway!

How To Enter This Contest

Here's how it works.  There are two things you need to do.

  1. Subscribe to my RSS feed and tell me so in the comments
  2. Tell me the Go Natural name of your favorite color polish; you must use the Go Natural Polish color name. For example, Oh La Rouge or Fairy Princess.  Go to the Go Natural website and click on VIEW FULL COLOR CHART to find the colors listed.

You may also subscribe to receive blog posts by email (my favorite way to subscribe to blogs!). If you are already subscribed by either method, just notate that as you comment with your favorite color. The contest will run through to midnight Sunday the 19th, 2011. Winners will be chosen using

What You'll Win by Entering

  • Top Coat / Primecoat Combo ~$9.50 value
  • One Bottle of Your Favorite Color Nail Polish ~$7.50 value
  • One Bottle of Low Odor – Corn free Nail Polish Remover ~$7.65 value

Okay, let the contest begin!

For the record, this contest is sponsored fully by GAPS Diet Journey.  Go Natural was nice enough to give me some sample products and I decided to share the product with my readers.



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12 comments to Review and Giveaway! Go Natural Non Toxic Hypoallergenic Nail Polish

  • I subscribe to you via google reader.

    And I love Early Sunrise on the color chart! I have 3 little girls and it’s just the perfect pink!


  • Magda

    I just subscribed by email. I think I would like the ‘light decaf latte’ color. I usually go with light colors, pretty neutral. I haven’t painted my nails in ages (I tend to bite my nails) but I’ve had nice long nails for a while! I think I’ll do it regardless if I win or not!


  • Sarah

    I’ve been subscribed by RSS since Dec 2009; I’ve been on GAPS myself since March 2009. 🙂 Thanks for writing!

    I would love polish! I miss my pearly toes… my favorite color is the “clam shell”.


  • I subscribed through my email. I thought I already had, but I guess not! I think I like the “plum delicious” best. Thanks for finding such a healthy nail polish, it sounds great! Starlene, you are so fun!


  • That’s so cool! I bought Hannah some nontoxic peel off nail polish, and she likes it (she mostly likes peeling it off LOL) I’d love something to show off! The dancing red looks pretty, and I subscribed to your RSS 🙂


  • Tiffany

    I am already subscribed to email updates and I look forward to them 🙂 I love the color Evening Tide for myself and my five year old little girl would just love the Hot Pink. It is so wonderful to learn about this company because my little one loves to have her nails painted, but I am not too comfortable using conventional products!


  • Briana

    I already subscribe to your email updates and really enjoy them. I also enjoy your posts/advice through the GAPS group. I love the “Candy Red” color! Although I typically use a pale blush color (when I use nail polish – a rarity itself), I love red nail polish on toes! Thanks, Starlene!


  • I subscribed to your updates via MyYahoo and my favourite colour is ‘Port’! Great giveaway Starlene!


  • I subscribe through RSS feed….;)


  • Ooops! I forgot to give my favorite color….First Dawn looks beautiful….thanks for the chance to win!


  • Pei

    I’ve been searching for a long time for a non toxic nail polish.
    Thank you for reviewing the product. I’ve been calling all
    the stores in AZ to see if anyone carries this product so we
    can try it.
    The Starfire color looks nice.


    Starlene Reply:

    @Pei, you are welcome! You might want to directly email the company and ask them if they have any distributors in Arizona. Their email address is:


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