The Food Allergy Freedom Collection from Ultimate Bundles

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Food Allergy Freedom Collection Bundle

The Food Allergy Freedom Collection is a brand new bundle that is on sale for only 2 days, Monday November 13 and Tuesday November 14 2017.  This bundle is 8 e-books and 1 meal plan, collated especially for the holidays!

Let me highlight four of my favorite resources in this bundle. Note: the first two are 100% GAPS-Legal but the other two you'll need to pick and choose recipes.

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Monday and Tuesday (November 13 and 14). Ends at midnight!

“Pay What You Want” Bundle!

Pay as little as $1 $3* for 8 e-books, 1 meal plan and if you pay at least $20 you'll gain access to Traditional Cooking School's Master Class on Allergy-Free Cooking.Holiday Buy Now

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Baker's Dozen Holiday Quick Breads

First up, Baker’s Dozen Holiday Quick Breads. This is Volume 3 in the  Coconut Flour [affiliate link] Baked Goods series. Inside you'll find a baker's dozen worth of baked goods recipes that are suitable for holiday gatherings, or maybe you just want a loaf for breakfast or to take with you on the long trip to Grandmother's house! These loaves are grain free and gluten free with honey [affiliate link] for the sweetener so they are suitable for GAPS.

Coconut Flour Baked Goods Volume 3 Holiday Breads

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Nourishing Holidays

Nourishing Holidays contains over 50 GAPS diet-friendly, grain-free, gut-healing recipes that your family will love!  It has every recipe you need to get a “traditional” Thanksgiving Dinner on the table. You'll find recipes like: perfect cauli-rice and homemade cream cheese, on down to pecan pie and honey “wheat” dinner rolls. This book (normally $24.97) is part of the Food Allergy Freedom Bundle which is only available for 2 days.

Nourishing Holiday e-book



Paleo Vegan Sweets and Treats

Do you miss sweet treats especially during the holidays (which are RIGHT around the corner!!)? This Paleo dessert book has more than 30 delicious holiday recipes for cakes, cookies, ice cream and more.  Note that not all of them are GAPS legal but most of the recipes will work for those on full GAPS.

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Traditional Cooking School‘s Allergy-Free Cooking Masterclass

Are you wondering how to prepare traditional foods when you have to work around food allergies and can no longer serve wheat or dairy products? Wardee of GNOWFGLINS will show you how in a Masterclass, presented in  a 5 part video format.  Her easy to understand presentations will answer many of your questions.

NOTE: Not everything in this presentation is compatible with the GAPS diet, but it is easy to adapt the principles to GAPS legal foods. This class is only available to those who spend at least $20 on this bundle.  Considering this class normally sells for $40, this is a deal!

This sale is on for just 48 hours, head over and get your bundle now while you're thinking about it! 🙂

Holiday Buy Now

*I'm terribly sorry, we were told the amount would be as little as $1 but at the last minute Ultimate Bundles realized they needed to make the minimum at least $3. You're still getting an amazing deal though. My sincerest apologies as I didn't get the notification in time to make changes to my posts and newsletters. ~Starlene

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